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Breathtaking Breathing & BOLT Score!

Breathtaking Breathing & BOLT Score!
Breathtaking Breathing & BOLT Score!

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that breathing and “how” we breath is super important. Include a commentary on how to measure our BOLT Score at the bottom. This is effectively a realistic guide as to how good the results of our standard fitness and particularly breathing technique is!

Another description perhaps is that BOLT is a method of standardizing our innate performance. Personally believe I have a poor Bolt score. Not necessarily because of poor fitness but related to breathing itself.

For instance, I now realize that I actually seem to hold my breath unconsciously for whatever reason.

Believe I have never really optimized my breathing and I am talking over a lifetime!

So particularly important during that development and growth stage of youth.

Have traditionally been a mouth breather. And seemingly a breath holder!

Now, at that time we never really understood the huge beneficial genetic expressions and pathways from proper nasal breathing.

When one optimizes breathing it seems from recent personal experience that the Bolt score somewhat improves.

I have looked through the research and can give a shorthand script here!

First, it will take some months of daily, preferably, diligence and performance to start to see the results!

What I do is go through a Hormesis stage, preferably once a day, of exhaling breath completely and walking until one is compelled to inhale.

At that juncture, it is for development or improvement to breathe through one’s nose and also to exhale similarly!

At the moment I can reasonably walk approximately 70 paces before being compelled to breathe in.

This Hypoxia is in fact a stressor. Nasal breathing is a method of expressing genetic benefit from the actual nasal in and out breathing process.

This type of expression seems non-existent if one resorts to mouth breathing.

It seems that the nasal process also has a positive effect upon one’s arterial processes.

There is an assistance for the Nitric Oxide dump. This dilates the blood vessels and assists in the removal of plaque.

Vitally important if you have a high CAC score!

What I also notice is that those who experience extreme conditions, and am talking of the likes of Wim Hof and Stig Severinsen, that breathing techniques are fundamental.

They also significantly appear to utilize nasal breathing with part or even all of their preparations. There is a major difference when it comes to lasting long distances under water.

Then one wants to oxygenate as much as possible one’s breathing process. You require enough oxygen to provide for the energy output for the distance.

This also having prepared one’s physique to endure the cold shock! Here brown fat and Cold Shock Proteins enter the equation! Breathtaking Breathing & BOLT Score!