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Powerful Heat & Cold Shock Defying Stress

Powerful Heat & Cold Shock Defying Stress
Powerful Heat & Cold Shock Defying Stress
Softening often Fatal blow of Chronic Stress a Major Benefit.

Long term or Lingering Stress, as I like to call it, is Deadly. Usual causes: Financial, Work, Domestic, particularly Spousal Dissension, and Rebel Children majorly problematic, and obviously any Health issues.

Our bodies are DNA designed to benefit from Short Term stress. But avoid Long term. Mary Tyler More an example of many stresses including matrimonial! This is really unique packaged fatal product of our so called wonderful new age Society.

Then it is truly Deadly, but it does takes time for the Grim Reaper to arrive!

Mitochondrial Bio-genesis is really one clever fightback answer:
Rhonda Patrick (see YouTube below) accidentally discovers this whilst in arduous post graduate training.
If she is in Sauna before the start day, finds that then continuous state of tension and stress in daily lab work just disappears.
Why? In simple terms it is Hormesis.
This means stress to the body being heat from the sauna will cause the DNA expressive qualities, that we all have for survival, to unleash.
Brain derived trophic factors mean more neurons. Our bodies effectively are preparing for war. This is a profound side benefit to fight against brain aging. If more neurons are created then brain aging is being fought.
But the hormesis of sauna has other qualities. It is dilation of our blood vessels. It is a fight to cool off! There is a comparative to the heat and hormesis of actually exercising. In many ways sauna can passively reciprocate exercise with the production of similar proteins.
Cold shock also produces the equivalent of Heat shock proteins.
Our bodies are effectively preparing for war again…they do not want to die.
The hormesis now means the effort to get warm, as opposed to the opposite in a sauna.
But the mitochondrial biogenesis is similar!
When we create more mitochondria, then we make epinephrine to signal the preservation of heat immediately to the body. This signals more mitochondria and the resulting by product heat.
The reason cold creates brown fat is that the brown reflects the intensity of the mitochondria. It is like white mean and brown meat, the brown being active muscle.
Now What if we MIX Heat Shock With Cold Shock Proteins?
For instance by moving from a warm sauna to cold freezing water. This shock means cold shock proteins and temperature contrast big time. There is also a fantastic benefit for the brain. All those lost synapses for whatever reason are regenerated. And the proteins are called RBM3.
However as Rhonda points out, be very careful of this contrast. Medicated persons particularly. Heart issues especially. As the cold shock has the opposite effect of dilation of blood vessels. This is constriction and that is the reason to be really wary. Even Rhonda abandoned getting into ice baths because of light headiness.
Even further benefits: Nor-Epinephrine which is anti depressant and effective way to fight ongoing stress.
But Listen to your body!