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Boomers’ Health… Too Late?


This boomer, nearly 70..bright lawyer and mining entrepreneur…by chance met in coffee shop. He is in the public sector, which in Canada means an overcharged regulatory environment, which in turn means excessive cost for business and raising money for development. If Donald Trump thinks regulation is a stranglehold in the United States…he has no idea how tough it is for Canadians! I noticed he picked right…a black coffee and no sugar. Oatmeal with some fruit and no added sugar! Probably the two best choices! Also mid morning, which means without knowing it, a limited exposure to peak fasting! Thus a tendency to a fat metabolism and fat burn, which I believe is the only real way to get rid of that belly! Boomers’ Health… Too Late?

Metabolic Syndrome repercussions manifested…in that weight, gut, lifestyle of academia…commercial lawyers are stuck behind terminals for hours on end!..meaning restricted overall movement, and a fact of life for decades! It’s being trapped indoors…issues with Northern climes…generally lack of sunlight, with overcast and rainy skies…therefore lack of vitamin D….of near infrared and infrared spectrums…..by far the best way to utilize our skin and inherited DNA from our forbears, to naturally process the benefits of our own Vitamin D production!

Then diet…no knowledge of dangers of sugar based…processed foods…toxins…and endemic shortage of vitamins A, K, B12, and D. Boomers’ Health… Too Late?

But, despite all this, his genetics…Celtic…allow for brilliant mind, a recall of details after decades! With me….memory of discussions and particular facts after some 30 to 40 years! This triumphed despite endemic overweight, and probably as consequence a diabetic 2, requiring insulin. Normally this would be negative to mind, and memory, with attendant risks of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Never too late… that even dependency upon insulin, strict diet, in that one avoids sugars, net carbohydrates, but with careful medical advice…because of the fraught danger of either too much sugar or too little in the bloodstream whilst dependent upon insulin! My fears, routine way of life probably difficult to overcome! Therefore other issues…risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease. Boomers’ Health… Too Late?