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Painless Savvy Fasting Stem Cell Solution?!

Painless Savvy Fasting Stem Cell Solution?!
Painless Savvy Fasting Stem Cell Solution?!

I want to relate my recent experience in Water Fasting, and what I perceive to be a continual ‘watch’ for those of us determined to harvest the incredible payoff of Mitochondrial Autophagy and Stem Cell Activation.

We all know now that our Mitochondrial Health, which are the Organelles that produce ATP or our cellular energy and our Stem Cell health in that cell are closely entwined. The real objective simply is to increase our Mitochondria as much as possible, kill off senescent Mitochondria, train them to burn fat as an alternative to sugars.

Somehow kick start our ever hopeless Stem Cells that seem to just power down with age. This ‘power down’ starts at a much earlier process that most of us realize. But a proper understanding of how to optimize this cellular level is a key to true longevity and health!

I have written about Stem Cell health and am utterly convinced that aside from specific Stem Cell applications; for instance, to replace cartilage, that we all have the empowerment to increase our life spans and health dramatically!

I have already followed my protocol as follows:

Three Fasts of an optimum five days for three months running! This gets our bodies up and running as it were!

Thereafter, once every four months, to maintain an already healthy Stem Cell status.

In other words, you need to get yourself going and that is the three consecutive months.

Once running, then that tweak up of really just five days every four months; this is optimal for continual benefit!

In summary, I have personally ‘run the gauntlet’ now of my first four-month tweak!

I have expressed my concerns that you have to be in peak shape to start with.
You cannot be on medications, or at a severe insulin resistant level, without medical supervision!
Most obese persons will run into problems.
That is the reasoning for clinics such as True North in Northern California just outside San Fransisco!
During this most recent Fast, I started to really feel the effects of ‘toxins’ on my third day.
Fortunately, I immediately purchased activated charcoal.
This saved me from an overload discharge of some serious toxins from my fat cells.
The key is to absorb those toxins and pass them out of the alimentary system!
If reabsorbed they could be overwhelming!

As an added protection I also take some of Dr. Berg’s organic superfood in capsule form. This presents no calorific value of consequence but helps to absorb and pass along any toxins. So there you have it! 

I can empathize with an intermediate Mercola solution! It is a safe approach. But personally, do not believe it is really a Painless Savvy Fasting Stem Cell Solution?! But it is certainly a good compromise!