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Remarkable Infrared Photomodulation Genius Is Brilliant!

Remarkable Infrared Photomodulation Genius Is Brilliant!
Remarkable Infrared Photomodulation Genius Is Brilliant!
What is near-infrared light therapy?
– now called Photobiomodulation.  abbreviated to PBM.
– it replaces what used to be largely known as ‘low-level laser therapy’.
I’ve been a fan of Dr. Michael Hamblin for some years. Attempts of his colleagues to monetarize red light therapy with laser patents now really to naught. This because of advent LED lighting. Magical for our health, particularly memory!
– Now the world has access to this incredible therapy for extremely economic cost.
– All this thanks to the incredible research Michael Hamblin has conducted.
Dramatic effects photo-modulation can have on the brain:
– the huge success of neutralizing Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
– kick-stating neurogenesis.
– fighting trauma causing brain damage;
– increasing cognitive performance, improving memory, better sleep, and emotional regulation.
There’s going to be an epidemic of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, the nursing homes are steadily being filled up with these old folks, who tragically everyone is mostly writing off, including the medical profession!  Leaving nobody to look after them and worse every Alzheimer’s pharmaceutical treatment is really a failure!
Michael Hamblin says that after several trials, about four or five, that photobiomodulation for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, shows remarkable success small scale.

But let us concentrate on one other sector that is close to my longevity and fight against inflammation interest.  Our Mitochondria!

Whereas virtually all wavelengths stimulate mitochondria. red and near-infrared are most studied because they transmit through tissue. Hamblin discussion:
In any autoimmune disease, you’ve got an overactivated immune system that is attacking the host.
doing this through proinflammatory signaling for an activated inflammatory cell.
And what photobiomodulation does is work positively and change the mitochondria.
Scientific conclusion, and this for future reference for you and me!
main hallmarks of m1 macrophages is that mitochondria are undergoing aerobic glycolysis.
So, it’s like the Warburg Effect. May be using glucose to make low amounts of ATP.
When you put a photobiomodulation light {PMB) on cells, you kick-start oxidative phosphorylation, which now makes large amounts of ATP.
Now postulate that if the immune cells have more ATP, they’re maybe more active. BUT: NO Exactly opposite is fact!
With oxidative phosphorylation, the phenotype, is then switched to m2. So, we are talking anti-inflammatory. And our Mitochondria benefit big time! Thaks Dr. Hamblin! Remarkable Infrared Photomodulation Genius Is Brilliant!