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Top Hidden Sugar, Carbohydrate Net Fiber!

Top Hidden Sugar, Carbohydrate Net Fiber!
Top Hidden Sugar, Carbohydrate Net Fiber!

Important to understand importance of Fiber! Which if entwined with Carbohydrate means that percentage eventually through digestion brings out the hidden sugar in our diet. Also known as Net Carbs. Classic example: white bread!

Following is excellent, quick method of calculating the net carbohydrate, which is sugar:

carbohydrate minus fiber equals sugar!

so look at the label and now calculate:

subtract the carbohydrate grams from the fiber grams.

then divide by five and you get the number of teaspoons of sugar!

our microbiome usually grossly starved of fiber and those bacteria literally dictate most of our health!

Know that eighteenth century sugar cane craze leading to the sugar frenzy. All after shocking captivation, especially Belgian Congo, desperate suffocating transportation, then sugar plantation slavery:
amounted to start of Western Sugar Addiction.
BUT massively escalating 1970s. From President Nixon, FDA, and industry fixation with High Fructose Corn Syrup or HFCS.
drastically addictive.
really initiation of Obesity Crisis!
Now Two Thirds of our population overweight and essentially hooked on HFCSs.
The Metabolic and Cellular Consequences of Sugar profound. Otto Warburg, two time Nobel Prize winner right! Jewish origins, and saved from persecution by Hitler, terrified of Cancer! Cancer loves sugar!
why Ketosis from Partial Fasting, and Fat Metabolism from full on fasting just drives positives at the cellular level.
Stem cells wake up and Senescent cells are put to death.
really important with seniors!
results in Longevity, the ultimate win for humanity!
Make every effort to avoid:
sodas riddled with sugar, also the so called non sugars, but disastrous to our health,
Splenda, NutraSweet, or Sucralose, Saccharin, Aspartame…all the Tames such as NeoTames.

Stevia, a fantastic substitute, but use really sparingly as otherwise an overpowering sweet taste. It’s this sweetness that causes a dopamine addiction!

Better natural unpasteurized Honey, Maple syrup, or even Coconut sugar! But really sparingly, to cut back real sugar. It’s natural taste, combined with other phytonutrients and antioxidants, makes sugar dilution much easier!