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Fasting Triumph ‘Highlander’ Stunning Longevity?

Fasting Secret 'Highlander Duncan MacLeod' Longevity?
Fasting Secret 'Highlander Duncan MacLeod' Longevity?

Water Fasts! There really emerges an amazing benefit and payoff…real Longevity from using this Fasting Secret.

This means more than just a paltry few years boost in your later years…it is multi front payoff….and the beneficiaries are those classified as seniors…in our discussion this really means anyone over the age of 40 or even sometimes earlier qualifies!

Fasting Secret ‘Highlander Duncan MacLeod’ Longevity?

Master the creation of vigorous and alive Stem cells then:  both 1) localized Stem Cell therapy…classic example is repair of joint issues…

AND you master 2) real increase in lifespan. By that we are talking maybe some extra…and over and above lifespan increase avoiding metabolic type diseases…of 20 some years or even more.

What really happening is a ‘kind of’ parallel ‘Highlander‘ immortality concept, that was an accompanying curse for the TV show’s lead character Duncan MacLeod,

Our last youngerhealthier.com article introduced this real increase in longevity and a quantum leap in lifespan as an attainable reality…and this seems more than validated by the ‘tons’ of research out there.

Water Fasts
The incredible results of the True North clinic…and the ‘health’ why, how, implementation, and frequency, plus the best way to optimize, and minimize risks and concerns, are still restricted to a small knowledgeable public segment.

If you are enabled to approach Water Fasting with confidence then it is in itself much more easily individually attainable.

Personal Water Fast Experience:
Found that starting on a Friday after lunch to be psychologically easier…that means that one has the weekend to just go at a slower pace.
Keep the same routine in a general sense…if you go to a gym, during this period of fasting do not not ‘push’ it…really just use stretching and balance exercises.
In other words for the five days back off the HIST and HIIT exercises! To translate: go really easy on the High Intensity Interval Training and the High Intensity Strength Training!
My weight was 145 lbs at the start….over the five days I lost 9 lbs and had already ‘guesstimated’ that figure..but here comes the good part…during the re feeding stage I gained back 7 of the lbs.! That extra believe can be put on before the next fast! Note that re feeding stage is 10 days!
fat soluble toxin release.
This I have found rarely discussed in the research and literature.
Cruciferous material together with Carbon is ideal for mopping up fat soluble toxins…this may the THE most important confidence booster that one is doing everything to minimize risk of toxicity by the reentry of serious toxic elements such as Mercury, Lead and Aluminum, and a multitude of pesticides, herbicides and industrial toxins, into ones system!
For this reason am putting a YouTube of Dr Eric Berg at the close of this article. If the whole purpose of Water Fasting was merely a toxin cleanse…that would be worth while in itself!

Now the five days duration comes from a careful analysis, and plenty of help from Dr. Valter Longo of the University Southern California, together with Dr. Rhonda Patrick and Dr. Guido Kroemer of the University of Paris, key persons on the block for this!  Incidentally I drank water but Himalayan salted..good nutrients and a method to minimize shock!