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Live 120 Years… Stem Cells Secret?!

Live 120 Years... Stem Cells Secret?!
Live 120 Years... Stem Cells Secret?!

Can we Live 120 Years…Stem Cells Secret?!… it’s a plausible reality this Blog has continually espoused and researched for some time! Now to put this into practice and share the ‘good, bad and any ugly’! I have for some time discussed stem cell health and the difficulties and issues related to actual achievement.

But now to share with you one key route for stem cell health and that is through the Water Fast!

It works! Some preamble! It is ‘cold turkey’! Maybe for just a few! But achievable’ …even for those with health issues (the author is fighting currently heart disease and melanoma!)…to compensate for issues all you have to do is ‘modify’, be ‘supervised’. Maybe follow the Valter Longo Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD), of the University of Southern California, or even pay your way with the help of round the clock supervision from places like the True North Clinic just outside San Francisco. Particularly if you are on medication, an outright water fast should be medically supervised (they aptly do this at True North and have put thousands through their water fast doors!).

But this author optimized from massive cross discipline research …some rapid thoughts:

First…why so focused on Stem Cells?…in a nutshell…our Stem Cells rapidly age…believe aging is essentially caused by our aging Stem Cells. Give you a quick idea. Cellular health, and by that I include the viability of our Mitochondria the ever important garbage collectors within our cells…for those to be active and viable and for instance resistant to Cancer, (the dividend of great cellular health is in fact great health anyway!) …indirectly depend upon the viability of our Stem Cells. When we are born stem cells literally have the capacity to divide relentlessly…they will multiply from one to a billion in a month! But at a senior age they are really useless. Mine probably would divide a few thousand in a month…Stem Cell division is universally the problem of aging! Probably the cause of aging. Solve that and two things immediately happen:

First:. our cellular health is jump started…it means a massive increase in the chance of winning our continual battle against Metabolic syndrome disease of all kinds…am talking the kinds I fight..Cancer, Heart Disease you name it.

Now to avoid being simplistic…health is complicated, if you can ascribe to all the health principles espoused by this blog or at least most of them AND add in Stem Cell effective rejuvenation…you could be blessed with that quantum leap in years!

To give you an idea: and Dr. Walter Longo is good at this…if you can beat Cancer of all kinds the median increase in life expectancy years may amount to say 3.5 years. That does not sound much! If you can beat all the metabolic disease including the likes of diabetes and heart disease then it looks better…about life expectancy increase of some 12 plus years! But even that does not that great when you have already reached your seventies!

Second: BUT if one can beat succumbing to all those metabolic diseases, and no doubt with increased odds deploying help of Stem Cell rejuvenation, one seems to acquire literally an increase life and longevity endowment of itself! Not talking the usual of Blue Zone longevity…Blue zones relating to those special longevity groups around the world who seem to have extended lives based largely on dietary, and lifestyle factors…for example the Okinawan s before their diets were turned upside down by Western Influence…other blue zone groups are to be found in Sardinia and Sicily..even in California’s Loma Linda with our Seventh-Day Adventists, who extraordinarily, and with varied ethnic backgrounds live about a decade longer than those around them. Add in similar results of Ikaria, Greece and the Nicoya Peninsula, in Costa Rica…All these zones, where lifestyles, including diet, movement, community, family, exercise, you name it stand out in contradistinction to those around! These principles are all significant and important, but tackling Stem Cells head on seems to provide that added quantum leap in Longevity!

Just about every serious University in the US and elsewhere is engaged in Stem Cell research….the problem in the US is the effective negative blanket to the actual practice caused by bureaucracies such as the FDA when it comes to human trials…this as an aside may prevent the real positives of disease treatment from Stem Cells for some time. But this really relates to the actual ‘in situ’ injection of stem cells. Those with money will always able to avoid the negative impacts by flying to jurisdictions such a Panama, where an incredible specialty has developed. All this has been extrapolated by this Web site! Live 120 Years…Stem Cells Secret?!

But a seriously effective and economic passport to Stem Cell health can be had just for the confident understanding of Water Fasting. This site will develop this subject from a first hand experience. Frankly it is exciting! The various headings to be covered are length of fast…seems five days optimum….frequency of fast….one has to initialize the body with several for say three months running….then maintenance of fast benefits….seems that about twice a year thereafter will do the trick! Then the issue of toxins and how to eliminate or minimize any consequential damage, as serious fat soluble toxins can be locked up in fat cells…and ketosis very effectively unlocks them! All this we will deal with. After all the discipline to effect a five day fast is by comparison nothing compared to Mahatma Gandhi, that renowned civil rights lawyer who trod the paving stones of the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple and of which I was keenly aware as a Scholar of that august body in London..so stay tuned…Live 120 Years…Stem Cells Secret?!