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Unbelievable Cancer Ketosis Mitochondria Triumph

Unbelievable Cancer Ketosis Mitochondria Triumph
Unbelievable Cancer Ketosis Mitochondria Triumph

Check out this Dr. Thomas Syfried YouTube interview on the Mitochondria and its impact respecting Cancer. It is important to understand the “familial” significance of Dr. Thomas Seyfried himself. He really┬áis a third generation Dr. Otto Warburg believer. The second being Dr. Peter Pederson.

Dr. Thomas Seyfried completely grasps the significance of Dr. Otto Warburg’s work:

the theory of grappling with Cancer at the cellular or Mitochondrial energy arena!
Dr. Warburg, a two time Nobel Prize winner. Out of Nazi Germany no mean feat.
Then no electron microscopes, or the ability to actually view the human cell in situ!
In this YouTube, Sigfried discusses this and throws a brilliant mind and glaring light upon the cancer cell.

One reaches the distinct impression that we have not adapted in our fight against cancer. We are really putting our patients at a tremendous disadvantage when we fill them with chemo and charge them with radiation.

It is a tough enough fight in any event, but to hear Dr. Syfried balance the methods of attacking Cancer at the cellular is brilliant.

One huge problem is the prejudice and dogma that Cancer is a genetic disease.
There certainly are significant genetic elements.
But in its treatment, it is important to understand that our bodies are equipped with genetic uplinks.
These themselves possess a long track record of viability from our heritage.
This of survival in one form or another these last few millions of years!

Syfried is trying to morph the unfortunate dogma of treatment that Cancer Clinics find themselves pushing into an understanding of how a Mitochondrial approach can be a significant contributor.

Lastly of course when it comes to prevention an understanding in this sector is vital. Unfortunately, our medical profession is just bereft of any training or professional empathy to even approach prevention with any real confidence!

I personally believe that to prevent the tsunami of ill health, including vulnerability to cancer, and the accompanying ‘aiding and abetting’ of the old age factor that one must think cellularly.

Daily, to deal with the modalities that are the subject of this Blog:
But to seriously bite the bullet for Stem Cell Health that really goes hand in hand with Cellular Health and Mitochondrial Autophagy.
We have to rid ourselves of senescent mitochondria. This means a clean house on a frequent basis.
But water fasting at optimal intervals has profound effects. The Mitochondria die off!
Just listen to Dr. Seyfried, have the patience to take all the points of this interview. He is allowed to run freely by the interviewer and makes his points in no uncertain terms.

Now Dr. Syfried is mainly concerned in the prevention of cancer, and if the tsunami of cancer rolls over the patient, then the appropriate treatment!

If one concentrates on prevention, and as a modality, really embraces appropriate water fasting, the payoff is not just cancer prevention, but quantum longevity. Even by some decades! This is truly an Unbelievable Cancer Ketosis Mitochondria Triumph. I throw this out as a real incentive!!