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Alarming Airborne Plastic COVID-19 Catalyst Unknowingly?

Alarming Airborne Plastic COVID-19 Catalyst Unknowingly?
Alarming Airborne Plastic COVID-19 Catalyst Unknowingly?

The more I look at the plastics issue, the more profound this subject could be. It is shocking just to look at the world mess of plastics just on our beaches. It becomes beyond shocking to consider the damage to marine life. But far more dangerous and ubiquitous a problem is MICROPLASTICS entering mainstream into our ocean food chain. But although I am now profoundly alarmed about plastics, it is not restricted to this major ecosystem of our oceans.  A potentially more immediate and literally worldwide problem is that of our airborne plastic.

This is not restricted to a local pollution issue….it is literally worldwide. I am talking about our frozen most remote regions that plastic is now airborne.

Not content with poisoning our oceans we have now perhaps blithely and apparently in ignorance poisoned the very air we breathe.

When I say poison I am now talking microplastics that the eye cannot see.

Some may say ‘hold on’ on the basis that the poison element is yet to be established. But personally have no doubt that our humanity is vulnerable at this cellular level.

It is just a question of establishing the dots.

What bothers me is the general ignorance of this issue at all. By the time we wake up the irreversible damage may have already occurred.

Have already postulated on the catalytic effect of airborne plastic in high concentrations further accelerating the deadly effect of the Coronavirus Pandemic. The BBC documentary that zeroed in on the negative air quality in that fresh air resort town of Bristol, England.

The relatively positive results of the pandemic on the West Coast of Canada may have been assisted by a lower microplastic particle level.

The microplastics, although ubiquitous worldwide, could be relatively in low airborne concentrations in Vancouver.

These minute airborne plastics end up in the alveoli of our lungs that are so inextricably associated with oxygen uptake and gaseous exchange.

Oxygen is now a known significant factor in the general equation for the treatment of COVID-19.

But what are the relative varying microplastic concentrations throughout the world? The highly polluted areas of India and China must be a compounded nightmare. The same can be said of China. Wuhan the origin of the CORONAVIRUS-19 is an industrial area.

This particularly as China is a location of plastic destruction and by that I include incineration.

Although they have stopped imported incineration of plastics as a business. Woefully Malaysia is now that culprit.

The toxicity of their oceans and water supplies are already horrendous.

Any burning of plastics just compounds the air pollution and increases the concentration of these microplastics.

We all know the smog and pollution of China but I bet only a handful have even thought of microplastics, and then a further connection to exacerbating COVID-19 is just unheard of. Except here! Alarming Airborne Plastic COVID-19 Catalyst Unknowingly?