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Born to Walk! Unbelievable Impressive Longevity!

Born to Walk! Unbelievable Impressive Longevity!
Born to Walk! Unbelievable Impressive Longevity!

You can see Dr. James O’Keeth in the YouTube video at the end of this post. He has been exercising almost every day of his adult life. Even when traveling, at airports running up and down escalators for twenty minutes!  Research cardiologist, and before to say least ‘exercise enthusiast’.  All of this in retrospect possible lethal mistake! His dilemma is almost identical to mine!

Essentially, the narrative leads us through the following topics:
2500 years ago that famous marathon in Greece. BUT Pheidippides collapsing and dying whilst delivering news of Greek success over Persians!
Pheidippides surely completely adaptable to this kind of message running!
Every day, not only the job description but actual performance.
This run to Athens after the victory over the Persians is ‘small potatoes’ if one reflects on that time and custom.
Now to more current times!
Baby boomers started the running craze and I was also part of that trend.
Almost every day, usually early morning come rain, shine or snow! One time I recall having to rescue someone in late stages of cold exposure and shock, with no one around except me and ambulance that was only thereafter personal insistence!
If you could actually complete a marathon? Then the medical establishment is theorizing that in itself is creating immunity to heart disease.
Cardio-scan of ‘John’ one of James O’Keethe friends, running also almost every day of his life. His a CAC 1800 score. Arteries as ‘hard as bones’! and 12 miles day his running average!

Andy Bergman a winner of the Boston marathon…challenging O’Keefe to ‘show the bodies’ Only 1 in 100,000! But this not the issue. It’s the shortening or lengthening of life. not suddenly dropping dead!

With the habit of daily vigorous exercise. ….say lasting 45 to 50 minutes: no better expectancy to much shorter HIIT.
When the running Light to Moderate only, there is even an improvement.
Moderate exercise is perhaps where ‘more is better’.
But not quite as good as much shorter BUT intense!
This is my now HIIT theory of necessity for severe restriction of HIIT. But serious out of breath HIIT and similarly HIST.
My total HIST in the gym is about 12 minutes!
Evolution…Darwin…one can cynically say is survival of moderately fit!

Evolutionary medicine.

Over-running can mean even heart enlargement and scarring…our heart is essentially all muscle!

Too many elevated beats in sequence simply translate into scleroid tissue.

The example given by O’Keefe is of Veteran marathoners:

Living and Running with Indians in New Mexico…100 mile races. His Colleague Christopher MacDougall discussing infamous Micah True dying only at 58 years of age! He The White Horse in native parlance!

But Similar to Pheidippides…probably cardiomyopathy which developing over time and from an endless repetition of long distances.

Aging generally another marker. There we go again! (as I keep saying in that department it comes down to cellular health and our stem cells!) AND…guess? diabetes!!

The secret to living well and longer is: eat half, walk double, laugh triple and love without measure. Tibetan Proverb

Mice study results:
bottom line, we are not born to run…rather, we are born to walk…a moving body is the key to our genetic uplinks!
All things in moderation…Hippocrates 440 BC Right on amount of Exercise and  Nourishment: Not too much not too little Safest Way to Health.
I always thought Paleo man was not really a jogger! In fact, Jogging a target for that Saber Tooth Tiger! Short bursts of activity with a general all-round movement looking for opportunity and safety!

This provides the right genetic pathways for health and Survival, but for Longevity, it is Cellular Stem Cell strength that is needed.

However: Also, Born to Walk! Unbelievable Impressive Longevity!