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Amazing Vitamin D Fights Dangerous Covid!

Amazing Vitamin D Fights Dangerous Covid!
Amazing Vitamin D Fights Dangerous Covid!

I have always been an advocate of Vitamin D. This article summarizes that advocacy! It’s almost as if Vitamin D is a magic elixir.

First of all Vitamin D is a concept so few really understand. There is a tenuous connection to actually achieving vitamin D from the sun. Most fail to make this!

Sun tanning for appearance may well disguise fundamentals.

Two little knowns! In order to benefit from the sun resulting in the production of vitamin D it is vital NOT to drink alcohol.

Just the slightest ingestion seems to shut down the internal mechanism of natural Vitamin D production from sunlight.

When supplementing with Vitamin D it may be wise to ingest mornings. Could be the circadian rhythms are interrupted.

This may simply be due to the mechanism of a large dosage at a time when one is really anticipating ‘shut eye’!

Vitamin D is a concept so few really understand

There are other balances. Takes quite a while to build up one’s Vitamin D to optimum. If one is deficient then one must take a considerable amount to catch up! Its like for example an optimum dailing intake being some 4000 dailing…in which case an amount of some 8000 may have to be ingested for quite a while before cruising on that optimum!

Another puzzle. Vitamin D through skin is the best kind. We cannot overdose and when our bodies have stored enough there is a natural shut off.

Opposite seems for ‘ingested’ Vitamin D that is fat soluble. Storage in fat incidentally along with many other substances including ironically toxins!

Those with darker skins have ongoing conflicting scene on Vitamin D.

The skin is designed in evolutionary terms to withstand considerable exposure without damage. Reasoning African continent origins.

However if those with darker skins are transported to areas of sun scarcity, such as higher latitudes then actual vitamin D production is drastically limited because of skin protection!

Negative because during times when sunshine is around there is hardly optimization. Thus the usual chronic low readings and now Covid risks for those with darker skins.

Finally very recently in evolutionary terms there are two important survival tools that were surprisingly recently genetically incorporated.

This during transition from hunter gatherers to pastoral herders and importantly in Northern latitudes.

Yamnaya herders migrating to north Europe from Steppes were lactose intolerant. They only could digest milk sugars and use as a source of Vitamin D last 5000 years!

The white skin variant seems to have taken off in Northern Sweden more like 8000 years ago. Result of two of our genes coordinating and expressing this unique survival characterist!

This was unique for Northern latitudes where utilization of sun’s rays had to be maximized for survival.

Remarkably these unique expressions only integrated by use of double gene expressions so very recently! That is breakthrough research! And now full circle as: Amazing Vitamin D Fights Dangerous Covid!