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Tea Supercharges Brain Health, Coffee Prostate!

Tea Supercharges Brain Health, Coffee Prostate!
Tea Supercharges Brain Health, Coffee Prostate!

I have always tried to find a simple concept for both Tea and Coffee. Coming from England the country of tea drinkers (although on any given day 159 million Americans enjoy a ‘cup of’ tea!), am somewhat prejudiced against the British heavily ‘steeped’ teas with added milk and sugar! But one immediate piece of advice: DO NOT drink your tea or coffee too hot!

But unlike soft drinks, AKA sugar water, tea is actually good for you.

Improves bone density, strengthens immunity, and reduces risk of heart disease, stroke, and certain cancers.

Dr. Edward Okello of the University of Newcastle knows about tea! Back in 2004 he and fellow biologists found both green and black tea inhibits two enzymes that are found in abnormally high levels in those with Alzheimer’s disease.

tea alters brain waves

They showed both black and green tea alters brain waves.

Their Findings:

Those consuming the most black tea – more than five cups a day – had better focused and sustained attention.

They also showed better psychomotor skills, which link brain and movement.

In tests of cognition, the participants’ answers were more accurate and they also displayed faster reaction speeds.

All these benefits could help in any number of varying activities, such as driving a car, sewing, or completing a puzzle.

Also population study from Singapore, involving 2,501 participants aged 55 or older, found tea was protective of brain and memory health.

For cognitive decline, there was reduction of 26 percent and 43 percent respectively. The researchers found no such benefits for coffee drinkers.

In this respect I am personally prejudiced as for men coffee drinking seems protective to their prostate.

I also believe that one should break coffee drinking every week for at least two days to avoid those ‘lows’!

The “tea” in this study included black tea (either Chinese or English), green tea, Ceylon tea and oolong tea. The researchers found that black tea and oolong tea provided the most protection against poor cognition.

So if caffeine alone is not responsible, what is?

All varieties of tea contain unique amino acids.

Various polyphenols and catechins that have demonstrated positive effects on brain function in research studies.

Tea also contains L-theanine. The body does not produce this unique amino acid. Tea is almost the only place it’s found.

Research on L-theanine that although not essential for health, it provides numerous positive brain benefits such as improved cognitive performance, elevated mood, improved relaxation, and enhanced sleep. But personally I’m more worried about heart calcification and it appears that the Tsimane in Bolivia have that ‘licked’! Have a look at the Fat Emperor, aka Ivor Cummins, Youtube video below!

But our brains are also important! So: Tea Supercharges Brain Health, Coffee Prostate!