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Tsimane Tribe Healthiest Hearts!


No brainer! Have been harping necessity combination range of factors to combat ‘advanced Western culture’ with it’s impact of Insulin Resistance Disease…or another term…Metabolic Syndrome issues. Includes: Heart Disease, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and even Cancer. We are in runup to horrendous affliction numbers,,,almost irremediable harm upon our human race…quite apart from breaking every health bank! What’s more interesting, and am developing in other articles…is actually reversing, and intervening NOW at late stage, despite having transgressed most of rules for appropriate living. Believe ultimate KEY: right DNA expression at Mitochondrial level, and the rest should fall into place. Tsimane Tribe Healthiest Hearts!

A quick capsule of Tsimane by way of lifestyle graphic example! Remember their lifestyle in staggering contrast to other Bolivians, now victims of Western Lifestyle imported to their nation. Tsimane lead an active life of subsistence farming and foraging for food in the Amazon rainforest. They seem to have the best heart health in the world, that provides extraordinary protection against heart disease. Their arteries are unclogged by cholesterol plaques, which drastically increases risk of heart attack and stroke in modern North Americans, and other ‘Western nations’. CT scans revealed that hardened arteries, atherosclerosis, are five times less common among Tsimane than in U.S. adults. Heart researchers learned of the Tsimane through anthropologists, who have been studying the tribe, in a research effort led by Hillard Kaplan, a professor at the University of New Mexico.

With huge difficulty, Tsimane were transported for CT scans to review calcium deposits in arterial plaques. The Tsimane have the youngest-looking arteries of any population recorded to date. Tsimane Tribe Healthiest Hearts!

Men hunt and fish, while the women work the farms and tend to children. Result: men physically active 6 to 7 hours day, and tend to average 17,000 steps a day. Women are physically active 4 to 6 hours a day, and average about 16,000 steps. Nearly three-fourths of what they eat are non-processed carbohydrates, such as rice, plantains, corn, nuts and fruits, and their somewhat limited protein comes from organic lean wild game and fish. The study was published online March 17, 2017, in The Lancet, to coincide with a presentation on findings at the American College of Cardiology meeting, in Washington D.C. Tsimane Tribe Healthiest Hearts!