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Brazil Antibiotic Demise…Death!


In reality bacterial resistance, NOT overuse by doctors and hospitals, BUT mainly from UNCONTROLLED CAFOs…Confined Animal Feeding Operations…BUT COUNTRIES such as BRAZIL…a current nightmare! Also FDA, through US bureaucratic incompetence, also failed to rein…big pharma influence? Only now FDA have awoken far too late. Antibiotics and Steroids key to fight infections. Huge advantage in Emergency departments, as fast access to type bacteria infection. But many times deaths not even properly recorded! Brazil Antibiotic Demise…Death!

Hospitals consistently confused on death certificates…example, with drug resistant MRSA…or Staph. Brazil Antibiotic Demise…Death!

Each year, anyway some quarter million die from drug resistant bacteria. Reason bacteria, extremely  adaptive and rapid specific resistance in self development. Within days, they can become drug resistant! What might have killed them month ago, may not work today! Way back time 1/000th of the amount of antibiotic used today, would have immediately eliminated!…now our impotent antibiotics rapidly drug resistant. Their adaptive capacity inherited anyway…but our casual, and really reckless antibiotic use, that is still continuing, reaping grim reaper harvest. Unfortunately!

CAFO manure runoff currently often infiltrates, what was clean and drinkable water supply, with contained bacteria, protozoa, and viral pathogens. Similarly, and this is common in the great plains…the modern day equivalent of the 1920s Dust Bowl debacle…drug resistant pathogens are spread by wind. Downwind…compared to upwind, concentrations are thousands of times more intense. Cattle in CAFOs given additionally standard steroids, and these are currently disrupting endocrine systems. We are only just beginning to determine the extent of this black ecological legacy we have now left for new generation! Two of our last resort antibiotics currently compromised by an E.coli resistant strain…really valuable antibiotics: colistin and carbapenem. Again it’s not really medical overuse…contribution say 30%…but indiscriminate distribution and wanton lack of control in continuing CAFOs. Just think of this scandal in Brazil…with resulting distribution of contaminated meat, including 60% of CAFO chicken worldwide! Solution: overall prevention of use antibiotics except as last resort; and raising our natural resistance with principles of this WEB…example Vitamin D levels optimized…use of sunlight! Use Colloidal silver as substitute for antibacterial creams!…even try Manuka Honey…has amazing capacity to eradicate many strains of bacteria! Brazil Antibiotic Demise…Death!