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Ideal Photodynamic PDT Dosage!

Ideal Photodynamic PDT Dosage!
Ideal Photodynamic PDT Dosage!

Now know Red & Near InfraRed Ideal Wavelength For PDT Therapy! BUT Michael Hamblin from his Harvard research over decades ALSO helps with Ideal Photodynamic PDT Dosage! In this respect three factors: FIRST: what is optimal dose range…too much light negative! Power density milliwatts per square centimeter from 2 to 30 seems okay! Hamblin says use between 10 and 20. SECOND: Hamblin thinks right dosage joules per sq. cm. is 10 joules reasonable, and at 10 to 20 minutes a day. THIRD: Frequency. Most devices continuous wave, not pulsed, so there is no frequency. Means steady stream of photons. Modulate by pulsing light. Ideal frequency between 10 and 40 hertz. Anything over 100 hertz Hamblin believes unlikely to have positive biological effect, even negative. ‘By and large … pulsing better than continuous wave, and there is quite a bit of evidence [for this]…maybe not a huge amount better, but definitely better…optimum frequency is somewhere between 10 [and] 40 hertz’. Michael Hamblin conclusion…that he found 10 hertz was better than continuous wave, and better than 100 hertz. All this is cutting edge research that he has validated, and fascinating, still evolving, and potentially staggering with it’s potential therapeutic benefits for helping Metabolic Syndrome, or Insulin Resitant issues. This includes Dementia and Alzheimer’s…a subject that this author believes should be tacked and NOW!

Hamblin: “Provided you take precautions against getting too much ultraviolet….sunlight’s fine. But we have busy lives and since you can get a therapeutic dose of near-infrared from LED array for maybe 10 minutes a day, I think that’s probably the way to go.” Ideal Photodynamic PDT Dosage!

Hamblin: ‘that throughout human history, people have liked to sit around fires …and expose themselves to infrared, a lot of it far-infrared. That’s what you get from glowing embers. It’s only in the last 30 years that people have stopped sitting around fires regularly …You could say Western civilization is suffering from a deficit of far-infrared light.’ He also speculates Heliotherapy, caried out up in mountains, has an enhanced effect because the mitochondria react to the low oxygen levels. We have already discussed Oscar Bernhard who was pioneer for Heliotherapy way back pre and post WW2!…Personal theory…our bodies actually thrive on varying, and extreme stress, and favorably adapt! Just look at extreme athlete Wim Hof! Ideal Photodynamic PDT Dosage!