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Biology Becoming Scientific!


My daughter, Paige, a teen 14 year old, and bright, asked me what I thought of Biology Becoming Scientific!..as a concept. Fascinating and remarkably prophetic! Effectively that a now somewhat mathematical approach to the wide world of biology forcing more of empirical approach..and to a rule of nature. Example: in the number of heartbeats available to the animal kingdom, and whether this may be a natural law, or general ‘rule’, emanating as a DNA expressed survival characteristic from our Paleolithic past. Example: Mice live about two years, with a high heartbeat, whilst a Galapagos tortoise, that Darwin once observed, can live 100 times longer…but with the corollary of a heart rate 100 times slower! If we extrapolate this as a hypothesis, then my paleo theory of a universal rule may be valid. My family propensity to heart disease has caused me to think everything for prevention. We know that higher resting heart rate for older persons a sure sign of a double risk of heart failure over a fixed period, and first time fatality increases inordinately.

Athletes have lower heart rates and I opted for this as a solution…but is this just a marker…or do non athletes, with lower heart rates, survive longer! Biology Becoming Scientific!

Well it seems that the non-athletes do just fine! But how to become a non-athlete with a low heart beat? Is there something we are missing? Turns out it may depend on foods we eat. Consuming those green vegetables, may ‘upload’ inborn DNA characteristics naturally extending our lives! The Nitrates, in fact actually reduce our heart beats, thus increasing our longevity! Biology & Science. My heart rate resting is about 53…but results from High Intensity Exercise or HIIT; but gain from good diet and exercise! Just push that heartbeat down. Mine is even at a level that when in operating room I have to warn the anaesthetist, otherwise, when you are under a combination of low blood pressure and heartbeat they unnecessarily remedy! Payoff low heartbeat…could be bank of unused heartbeats! Reduction from 70 beats per minute to 60…means increase lifespan by decade! It seems that a beat a second is optimal! REDUCE that heart beat, there may only be so many that you have…Biology Becoming Scientific!