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‘Punch’ With Which Painless Vaccine?

'Punch' With Which Painless Vaccine?
'Punch' With Which Painless Vaccine?


To Vax or not to Vax, that is the question (my apologies to The Bard). Despite the rollout of vaccines having gone on for months now, there are still questions being asked and insufficient answers being given. I am generally in favour of vaccines. I am NOT an ‘antivaxxer’. Statistically speaking, I know my life has, at this point, probably been saved by some well ‘tried and true’ vaccines.

I had chickenpox at about four, so I know that the risk of shingles is just too high as one gets older! My mother, I well remember, suffered painful shingles in her late 20s, immediately following my bout with chickenpox which probably triggered the latent virus in her system.

Many years later two different shingles vaccines have been well researched and released. Indeed I took both, the latest being Shingrix.  And they all have their risks!

The other side of this ‘equation’ remain skeptical of repeated covid flu vaccines.

It’s an industry of ‘informed guesses” that postulate on the makeup of an upcoming virus some 14 months before that applicable flu season.

These speculations seem in most cases to fall far short!

Consequence is that theory that many are more immune without continually taking flu shot becomes attractive!

But from personal experience, and this is not ‘science’, I believe not having sequential flu vaccines seems to make one less susceptible.

In my case: strong anecdotal evidence that the vaccine itself may render one’s own immune system more vulnerable!

Blind adherence to these vaccines by schools target reluctant students into submission with continual paging across the school speaker system!

I know this from the peer and teacher pressure put upon my own daughter!

The irony again in that she seemed less vulnerable as the years went by from not taking the flu vaccines!

Again this is not strictly science and is vulnerable to an apocryphal designation!

But all is trite compared to the ‘tyranny’ we are presently subject to respecting Corona Virus experimental vaccines. Subject is complicated, but the public ‘order’ by so called health experts and politicians is relentless.

It does seem ‘convenient’ that government is suddenly being armed with a powerful and scary subject for public ‘manipulation’.

I’ve almost resigned myself to the inevitability that the requirement of vaccine passports will finally force me into submission.

If so…. which of the available vaccines is the least likely to ‘backfire’ health-wise?

Main reason for ‘variants’ seems just because so many people are infected. This allows the natural evolvement of new strains.

In passing, I was impressed with Geert Vanden Bossche comments, he seemed genuine. But question is how significant a virologist?

He may not completely fall into the classification of  “world-renowned”. Interesting that he has not published for quite a while!

But let’s not discount him. he has the opportunity of a broader background than most specialist scientists.

Respecting this ‘pandemic’, I do believe that the WHO leadership is much the ‘whipping boy’ of China, who seem to be harvesting and ‘self serving’  their ‘history’ of this virus.

In any event, coronaviruses actually don’t mutate as quickly as most RNA viruses, and the selective pressure of vaccination on viruses is not the same as the selective pressure of antibiotics on bacteria.

Vanden Bossche has his concept vaccine idea for COVID-19: but pausing COVID-19 vaccination, could let the virus circulate longer and more widely, providing even more variants than are emerging now!

Science here is massively complicated, and few have the time or energy or ability to actually follow it!

That is why our politicians now have the advantage to ‘whipsaw’ us. What a better way to control their electorate!

But of the four vaccines, if forced which one? Reality is the only true ‘vaccine’ in the traditional sense is Johnson & Johnson.

So driven to the ‘end paragraph’, that is likely the one I would reluctantly pick!

Punch With Which Painless Vaccine?