Home Health & Fitness Miracle Ivermectin Covid Pandemic Treatment Astounding!

Miracle Ivermectin Covid Pandemic Treatment Astounding!

Miracle Ivermectin Covid Pandemic Treatment Astounding!
Miracle Ivermectin Covid Pandemic Treatment Astounding!

The elderly, and by that over 65, African Americans and Hispanics and those with darker skins, are vulnerable to this Pandemic. Similarly, those who are disadvantaged through impoverishment, homelessness, or a myriad of reasons, including the likelihood of exposure to the virus. We are praiseworthy for our tired, front line health workers, as they are indeed vulnerable.

What is remarkable is a study in Argentina concerning front line health workers. Of 800 exposed to the pandemic, not one got sick! The companion comparison of those 400 front line workers not taking a maintenance dose, found 58% sick!

These comparative numbers are indeed profound.

Also significant is the credibility of Dr. Pierre Kory.

We just have to listen to his front line record and association with that huge number of similarly associated physicians and their related studies.

This man as he comments is not some isolated health director with a pet concept.

The papers supporting his proposition are myriad and well documented.

There is an irony to all of this. It seems that the lack of bureaucracy in certain countries such as those found in South America, and their desperation to find effective fighting tools to combat the virus, almost allow them to leapfrog ahead of well-meaning bureaucratic hurdles of the United States and Canada, for their own beneficial healthcare!

Where I live there is virtually no discretion given by the BC Medical Association and allied organizations to the primary care physicians to depart from the established protocol.

This seems at variance to other Provinces in Canada and especially so in the United States where Primary Physicians do their best to keep up and actually apply apparently effective treatments on an ongoing basis!

Dr. Pierre Kory, medical director at the Trauma and Life Support Center at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine, said Ivermectin is a preventative for COVID-19, but as a treatment for it.

Kory went on to criticize health officials for concentrating on high-cost drugs (such as Remdesivir) and vaccines and letting people die when ivermectin has proven itself over and over to save lives.

The United States can now take advantage of the publicity given to his examination by their Senate. The jury is still out on the effectiveness of vaccination, but for this well-tried drug Ivermectin also branded as Strolmectol, the opposite seems the fact. Miracle Ivermectin Covid Pandemic Treatment Astounding!