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Trump..executive orders..red tape gone!…attended Cambridge Mining conference, at Vancouver Convention Center, overlooking harbor, mountains. Many Americans, who look at Canada wellspring of Mining. Startup, entrepreneurial past stock exchanges, fortunes made and lost. Difficult legislate protection crime…Bre-X Minerals in 1993, with geologist Michel de Guzman, according to then Borneo/Indonesian authorities, thrown from helicopter, after thousands of salted core samples..Alberta stock from nothing to 6 Billion! Age..Mining..Stress!

To clean up ‘regulation’ by Exchanges, oversight by Security commissions…too many in Canada. Regulation was needed…but overboard! Mining industry gradually strangled. Cost to public companies enormous.  Budgets for lawyers, and massive regulatory fees & time for approvals! Huge obligations officers/directors… mind boggling! Lawsuits, investigations, reverse onus. Guilty, unless proved innocent! Over time, mining companies collapsing from double whammy…. real & self induced recession. Donald Trump now deregulating…pendulum too far. In Canada? No! If anything noose tightening! It takes some fifteen years to get a permit! Look at the age of most mining people…captains, geologists, engineers, operators…. they are, literally, a dying breed! Stressed out…why?Many not earning salaries, waiting….working….home front stressed, night and day… between financed or not! Unseen damage..children.. pulled from schools, homes sold, uprooted, loss friends, wives disbelief, separations, divorces, lawyers grabbing assets, and even further reducing pie, with increased stress everywhere.

Stress is probably THE number one killer in North America. Age..Mining..Stress!

Drugs and side effects potentially horrendous…but EXERCISE amazingly wonderful alternative. Proof…yes… studies… best perhaps out of Duke University Medical Center, reviewing citizens over 50 with major depression…just like these Cambridge mining attendees! Some on antidepressant Zoloft, others just a modest aerobic program..guess what? Our doctors should perhaps be advocating exercise instead of drugs! Within four months, the drug group normal, which we expect! The exercise-only group? Similar effect! result the same. Good to know if one is a Miner in Vancouver! Why go through all this?…just push back the stifling regulatory, self-serving bodies, ever bureaucratic, and even dependent upon fines for self existence! Bet some Miners wish Government change for dramatic ‘clean house’ of Donald Trump…but in Canada?…unlikely and too bad for the Mining Industry! Age..Mining..Stress!