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Plumper Population from Mandated Lockdown Weight Gain!

Plumper Population from Mandated Lockdown Weight Gain!
Plumper Population from Mandated Lockdown Weight Gain!

I will brazenly quote/paraphrase an online source that seems to have a good handle on the Lockdown weight gain we are facing and the solutions… at least within understandable and reasonable reach of average person!

    • Multiple data sources have revealed that the North American populace has gained weight as the pandemic has worn on. Additionally Millennials seem to have been affected the most.
    • In one study, researchers found that prior to the lockdowns, many were actually losing weight in a more positive trend towards a healthier lifestyle.
    • Experts are concerned that with continued remote working, the current trend may not be easily reversed.
    • Maintaining a normal weight and becoming metabolically flexible helps reduce the risk of severe disease from COVID-19.
    • The consequences  of a lockdown society include degrading mental health conditions, increased incidence of cardiovascular issues, financial loss, and even poor pet health.

According to the Trust for America’s Health State of Obesity 2020 report, 42.4% of U.S. adults are obese, which is the first time the national rate has topped 40%

These are obesity statistics and do NOT include the percentage of the population that is also overweight and not at the point of obesity.

    • National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey shows another 30.7% of adults are overweight and 9.2% severely obese (BMI over 40).
    • Means that 73.1% of the population is overweight, obese or severely obese.
    • 48% of Millennials an average gain of 41 pounds. Baby Boomers the least amount gained, 16 pounds.
    • Unfortunately, there haven’t been governmental initiatives or a focus on nutrition and exercise, both foundational to health and wellness.
    • Instead, the media and agencies focus on COVID-19 “cases,” and sometimes justifying rather draconian measures!

These may worsen your metabolic inflexibility, which British cardiologist and author Dr. Aseem Malhotra believes is another factor that significantly increases your risk of severe illness, recognizing the link between metabolic inflexibility and worse outcomes from the virus.

Five primary parameters of metabolic ill health, include:

    • A large waist circumference
    • Prediabetes or Type 2 diabetes
    • Prehypertension or hypertension (high blood pressure)
    • High blood triglycerides
    • Low HDL cholesterol

An analysis of nonpharmaceutical interventions, including business closures and mandatory stay-at-home orders in 10 countries, reveal no clear significant beneficial effect compared with countries that took a more severe line on those same measures.

Lockdowns in New Zealand have cost the country at least $10 billion. If we were to make a comparative analysis with Sweden which has the loosest restrictions, the lockdowns saved approximately 7,100 people and puts a price tag on human life of about $1.4M per life saved in New Zealand!

If you need to lose weight, try adopting a cyclic ketogenic diet, which involves radically limiting carbs (replacing them with healthy fats and moderate amounts of protein) until you’re close to or at your ideal weight, ultimately allowing your body to burn fat — not carbohydrates — as its primary fuel. Remember:

    • Loose fitting sweats or shorts make it easier to ignore weight gain.
    • Include exercise in your daily routine and avoid sitting for long periods.
    • If you work at a computer, stand instead of sitting for the majority of your day.
    • If favorite gym is closed, consider activity like walking, hiking, biking, dancing or an exercise tape.
    • Incorporate exercise to create Nictric Oxide ‘dumps’ two to three times a day, ideally, but at least once! Keep moving!
    • Plumper Population From Mandated Lockdown Weight Gain is Guaranteed!