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Brain, Alcohol, Exercise, How to Survive Aging!

Brain, Alcohol, Exercise, How to Survive Aging!
Brain, Alcohol, Exercise, How to Survive Aging!

As an individual of British heritage, my traditional attitude toward alcohol as a normal social medium was engrained. The Irish perhaps beat everyone with their ubiquitous ‘pub’, and several often in just a one street row!

But in Britain the public house seemed quaint, and the provision of brunch ‘fry ups’ just added to outing attraction.

It was a social medium. A few pints was a norm, and at University it was a place to go of an evening with one’s friends.

Also in England the country pubs particularly attractive, and I have fond memories of the Cat & Fiddle in the New Forest, Hampshire.

The signage symbolic and graphic over centuries. Originally stage coach stops!

Am not talking about getting ‘hammered’ that early closings such as used to take place in the State of Victoria, Australia. There line ups of countless beer ‘midis’ to be downed so many minutes after 6pm forced closings, creating drinking catastrophes.

But accepting this social norm over years now surprisingly to me presents a health nightmare!

Alcohol so happens to be a major source of carbohydrates and blood glucose.

Also chronic excessive alcohol consumption is known to cause neuronal dysfunction and brain damage.

Yet, even moderate alcohol consumption can reduce brain volume and is associated with neuronal changes.

moderate alcohol consumption can reduce brain volume

Large study evaluating brain aging and alcohol by researchers of University of Southern California examined 17,308 brain scans of cognitively normal participants:

They found that for every gram of alcohol consumed each day, the participants’ brain aged 0.02 years (7.3 days).

Putting this in perspective… that 12 ounces of regular beer equates to approximately 14 grams of alcohol.

And this translates into 100 days in round numbers!

It does not take much math to realize that a habit of drinking on a regular basis can take a severe toll on Brain Aging!

As someone ‘marching’ to old age I have, at least recently, curtailed the regular glass!

Maybe too late? But maybe not, as an absence of alcohol, coupled with activity promoting neurogenesis may compensate!

There are several modalities that this site has amply discussed, but the main one is Exercise!

And I do not promote the endless turning of an exercise bike so frequently seen in gyms!

In 2020, scientists also began calling for regular exercise, even in isolation without access to gyms or sports clubs as it can play an important role in supporting the immune system.

Regular exercise of adequate intensity an auxiliary tool for preparing the immune system, even in the elderly. My solution:

To not exercise on gym equipment endlessly at too moderate rate. I try to achieve a nitric oxide ‘dump’ over about 7 minutes with short bouts of high intensity.

Breathing in AND out through the nose (the out is a particular trigger).

Effecting for example on an exercise bike three bursts of output and three recoveries to allow heartbeat recovery!

I have a particular objective and that is to infuse my endothelial coronary cells including the arteries!

It’s all a balance, and I have the same issues as Mick Jagger! besides a somewhat resemblance! Brain, Alcohol, Exercise, How to Survive Aging!