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Breathe Right Struggle Key to Health!

Breathe Right Struggle Key to Health!
Breathe Right Struggle Key to Health!

Hormesis is essentially the challenging of our bodies to such a degree that we improve our survivability. Friedrich Nietzsche, a German philosopher hit the conceptual nail on the head. With his quote as follows: That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

It is amazing that this man, who died in 1900 at only 56, heralded a longevity and health concept today that was not specifically on his mind.

There is one type of Hormesis that I practice as much as possible. According to Patrick McKeown (featured in the video below) this is equivalent of subjecting oneself to breathing at an altitude of 12 to 15 thousand feet.

Ari Whitten who actually practiced this discipline, and coincidentally the right way, found that in a climbing expedition he was the only one acclimatized to height.

I try daily to subject myself to the hypoxia experience of breathing out and simply holding from breathing in for some seventy paces, or even more!

What NOT to do:

1) Deep breathing (hyperventilating) or over breathing not really necessary!

This is not a Wim Hof prep for freezing waters!

2) Walking and counting, then at the point it becomes uncomfortable, breathe in through MOUTH. forget mouth breathing!

3) Converse and BREATH IN deeply and hold for long period.

This according to Patrick Mckeown (see video below), does NOT accomplishing anything!

So now seems CORRECT plan:

Commence Hypoxia experience from a sound breathing pattern of NOSE breathing in and out.

Concentrate on posture and diaphragm to get deep lung breathing and utilizing CO2 to ones advantage.

At a point of breathing OUT hold to a point where first breath is through the NOSE, and NOT that gasp of breath through the mouth!

Athletes, and even those yoga experts seem to often have too much emphasis on the an almost converse attitude.

For instance at rest in yoga one should hardly hear one’s breath. The rest period should be noiseless!

Back to the HYPOXIA.

I concentrate on graduation and using the nose as much as possible.

Those nasal cavities expand naturally and seemingly the hypoxia extends naturally.


The breathe in and hold discard as having extremely marginal benefit!

Key tip is is breathing out and hold…then breathe in and out THROUGH NOSE for recovery.

That is the quick summary of first the negative Contrary Indications. Then finishing with the positive Prospective conclusions!

Finishing on that POSITIVE NOTE!

Breathe Right Struggle Key to Health!