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Water Fasting Miracle Master Health Benefits.

Water Fasting Miracle Master Health Benefits.
Water Fasting Miracle Master Health Benefits.

This site is really fundamentally ‘hinged’ on the ‘prime’ modality of ‘Fasting’ to produce Health and Longevity. What I notice with the passage of time is that few sites really substantially deal with optimum Water Fasting. It may be the risk and/or potential complicating factors involved.

Fasting is certainly not for all, and many personal circumstances may make it prohibitive. Situations such as those on medication, suffering type I diabetics, pregnant and breast feeding mums, the extremely thin and those with eating disorders, also young children and babies. To numerate the obvious.

Conditioning of our bodies for five day water fasts is important:

We need prior imprinted body ‘knowledge and adaptation’ so that ketosis, or fat burning, is naturally rapidly triggered.

Also how to deal with and offset toxins. Strange coloured tongues, and some skin rash that seems microbiome symbiotic.

Professor Valter Longo (USC) has long researched Fasting and trod a careful path. We now know that about 4 1/2 days is a period before tissue and organ breakdown.

That the stem cell destruction and revival of the legacy stem cell is quite amazing.

Following a period of conditioning makes it easier. He even has a FMD or Fasting Mimicking Diet to help those challenged.

My own personal challenge when fasting is the smells & sight of cooking activity and then consumption! Distraction becomes important, and also to occupy my hand with something to drink. Such as weakened coffee…black…and having water to sip with a small pinch of good salts, such as Himalayan, to maintain hydration and potentially counter shock. For those who enjoy the stimulation of soft drinks, I find club soda to be a perfect beverage and will already have a little bit of added salt.

Activated Charcoal is a good absorber and protector to offset toxins.

I find if I can get through day one, then day two is toughest…

and once into day three, I know I am more than half way!

Day four be wary about constipation…or apparent constipation. Remember that your microbiome volume of 5lbs is drastically reduced.

Beauty of this is also microbe death of maybe not so good microbes! but importantly also parasites.

That’s why it’s important to restart feeding with a vegetarian base as much as possible to reseed for correct microbes!!

As I am pretty lean as is so I don’t need to fast more that the optimum 4 1/2 days. That way I’ve cleaned out the senescent stem cells and left the ‘legacy’ cells. Refeeding becomes the next important period. A 7-10 day process while fluids and electrolytes are out of balance that ideally starts with cooked and some raw vegetable, fruit and ‘ground up’ nuts.

I like to begin a water fast after the Sunday meal on a weekend. Example if I have gone out with one of my daughters for a late brunch, then that is the concluding meal to the process. That way by late lunch on Monday, psychologically already one day accomplished! That time schedule would have me breaking fast on Friday morning.

The ideal drink to break the fast is perhaps a cooked vegetable broth, as opposed to just raw vegetables. I am ‘leery’ of bone broths at this early stage as the origin is meat. Hesitation is simply the utmost importance of initial correct reseeding of our microbiome. Later on fine! Water Fasting Miracle Master Health Benefits.