‘Senior’ London Marathoner

    The Everpresents - 'Senior' London Marathoner
    The Everpresents - 'Senior' London Marathoner

    Kenneth Jones, 83 ‘Senior’ London Marathoner. Competed and completed (06:41:39) again…consistently since 1981…despite current medical advice, to counter apparent irregular heartbeat…almost inevitable from traditional British General Practice mindset…to do so hazardous. Kudos!…he has earned fame! Example to seniors everywhere! Let us examine from health and longevity perspective, and context youngerhealthier.com Website. Any secrets for life extension! Ken says secret to longevity is: ‘love of fresh air and nature’, longstanding passion for ‘tai chi’, and wife Nora’s ‘vegetable stews’…also Nora, 82, his ‘inspiration’. She get’s after him ‘to get out and train’ in Northern Ireland country lanes, where they now live, whenever he is ‘lazy’! Northern Ireland, God Bless her!…for much of the year, cold, rainy, overcast, and really miserable!…the latter my comments! Besides running, and walking, also swims…and for great distance and time…for instance, he does not ‘touch’ the sides or the bottom of the pool, and just ‘keeps going’ for as much as an hour!

    Analysis: This ‘Senior’ London Marathoner lifestyle a Mitochondrial Health discussion…which ultimately, translates to LONGEVITY.

    Now always advocate multi layered, multi pronged, ‘frontal attack’ for Mitochondrial success. Let us start with apparent Ken Jones negatives…marathon running stressful…that alone perhaps plus, as continual inflicted intermittent stress on body important. This really predates paleolithic thinking. Negative with marathons is ballistic stress, that over years for most, physically wear down joints. Kenneth now ‘trotting’…this kind of shuffle…do not like it. Now living in Northern Ireland…where rare winter sun, also major negative. Always need to optimize Vitamin D, for good Insulin Resistant Syndrome body health. BUT… if there is sunlight, includes natural infrared, he at least has good chance it’s exposure! Swimming excellent…non ballistic! Vegetarian stews…means fiber…and tendency away excess meat…therefore default natural protein counting…plus! Stable home life…less stress…this always plus! ‘Tai Chi’ positive…stretching and balance.

    BUT typical many Brits…awful teeth...negative for oral and body health. Now, what is with the teeth?…just look at them. The mouth is hugely full of bacteria and consequential and resulting incipient infection. Ken compensates heck of a lot with positives…but personally predict this ‘Senior’ London Marathoner ‘Achilles Heel’ for sound Mitochondrial Health…poor teeth. This absolutely necessary to cheat Grim Reaper, and also our bodies into pre- as opposed to post…transmission our DNA to next generation!