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Just Start Alzheimer’s Fight!

Just Start Alzheimer's Fight!
Just Start Alzheimer's Fight!

Just Start Alzheimer’s Fight! A MUST for our aging population. Personally, convinced we already have at hand many weapons…aside from drastic drug therapy, usually prescribed, to challenge this now, worldwide ‘out of control’ disease. BUT…Drug Therapy does not presently provide any breakthrough cure for Alzheimer’s. Fundamental question…whether lost cognitive function at any level reversible? Are neurons and nerve cells forever damaged and inert? But: Breakthrough Australian research is perhaps ‘Blue Sky’ and will raise this question…personally believe they definitely on right path. Think amyloid plaques may be effectively removed, and good chance damage reversible. BUT we already have natural weapons for the taking…example…miracle of Turmeric, and the hidden power of Heliotherapy…with the DNA expression from both Ultra Violet and natural Vitamin D AND the power of Infra Red. Let’s start.. .with lifestyle choice of Exercise!

Just Start Alzheimer’s Fight!..universal consensus EXERCISE effective counter offset Dementia disease.

An effective trick…adopt lifestyle change. But often problematic: Example, Vancouver, Canada,  probably one of greenest cities worldwide. Advantageous for commuters to park, then bike ride in multi-designated lanes, for that last city leg. Often faster, cheaper, even less stressful. Check out article Exercise and Dementia.

What if we get a bike! And see if we are hooked!…for a healthy and serious lifestyle change that is big leg up for one ingredient in the fight against Dementia Disease. Problem,though and non-medical! Catastrophe avoidance point of view…the danger of an irreversible bike injury…say with an automobile. One would think that bike lanes may solve that issue. BUT forget it, when it comes particularly to Vancouver…where in fact, personal opinion, that Vancouver bike lanes present unnecessary potential death and injury trap, simply from design! Good intentions, but an outright failure of bureaucratic planning and political expediency! Nevertheless under this category MUST achieve two exercise principles: A WORKOUT to achieve some High Intensity Interval Training…and overall MOVEMENT throughout the day, to stimulate our DNA expression. Then add the other natural weapons that are NOW readily available. Enemy here, Indoor lifestyle and Immobility. BUT Exercise just a start…also centers around Hypo Fusion…or a lack of adequate brain blood flow. This must be attacked early, along with the array of other principles outlined on this WEB. Just Start Alzheimer’s Fight!