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Mouth-watering Vinegar Weight Loss Miracle!

Mouth-watering Vinegar Weight Loss Miracle!
Mouth-watering Vinegar Weight Loss Miracle!

We are all so hooked into, and conditioned, to the use of drugs to ‘effect a miracle’. When something as common as vinegar can seemingly do the same, almost unbelievable!

Thanks to Dr. Michael Greger again! We have good data to confirm what I personally try to accomplish with a supplement. I use Dr Mercola product called Fermented Apple Cider Vinegar! But now will also be more liberal with the vinegar bottle in the kitchen for salads! Suspect timing important here!

Taking vinegar with a meal reduces the spike in blood sugar, insulin, and triglycerides. Appears to work particularly well for those who are insulin resistant and no doubt on their way to type 2 diabetes.

Examples of cultures mixing vinegar with high glycemic foods:
Japan use vinegar in rice to make sushi.
Mediterraneans dip bread into Balsamic vinegar. Bread spike largely neutralized!
Europeans use Sourdough breads to lower blood sugar and insulin spikes!
Even Irish sometimes adding vinegar to boiled white potatoes and cooling to make potato salad. Reconstituted carbohydrate with an Apple!
Another plus: adding vinegar to white bread, and white I avoid (white bread, white sugar!) increases satiety, that feeling of fullness! But two tablespoons necessary, Optimal Vinegar Dose.

Personally think I am largely wasting my time with the pill form as it represents so little vinegar! Maybe should take three with each meal!

This is largely confirmed by Dr. Greger who makes the following observations respecting full blown diabetics: three groups, first two tablespoons lunch and dinner.
Second group ate two dill pickles a day, which each contained about a half tablespoon’s worth of vinegar.
A third group took one vinegar pill twice a day, each containing only one sixteenth of a teaspoon’s worth of vinegar.
Results: small dose in the pill didn’t work,
but neither did the pickles.
Impressive because the diabetics were mostly well controlled on medication and still saw an additional benefit

Researchers at Arizona State University randomized pre-diabetics and results also brilliant! Their simple dietary tweak of a tablespoon of vinegar twice a day worked better than the leading drugs like Glucophage and Avandia. for diabetes or pre-diabetes!

Now personally, also try to take a walk after a meal, this also softens the glycemic spike. It is such a simple routine and can be lifesaving. If you have a dog, time the evening walk for post prandial therapy!