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Suddenly Sleep Quality Not Quantity!

Suddenly Sleep Quality Not Quantity!
Suddenly Sleep Quality Not Quantity!
Personally always researching sleep ‘in depth’. Reasons:
My father always few hours sleep, awake fully, and out at night, exhausting my mother.  But always colonial ‘noon day’ snooze for 20 to 30 minutes, No dementia, but vascular, circulatory issues. Dying amidst then medical ignorance!
My eldest daughter also sleeps little. Her memory, alacrity and energy up there. This repeats pattern of grandfather!
For years, including school, then army training Special Air Service, seemingly naturally awake more than others, but when asleep, really asleep!
Concern to reach optimum mantra of Research and Respected Health advocates of 7 to 9 hours always seems elusive, and my natural limit to be 6 hours max!

Never have problem falling asleep, and sometimes enhance this with natural melatonin, but three hours before! Just two or three pistachio nuts.  Far better than unpredictable commercial dosage melatonin pills, with accompanying gonad risks!

Consistently talk importance of sleep and intricacies of glial glands.
Their association with dementia. Necessity for nerofibrillary tangles, essentially the tau proteins, to dissipate.
Queensland anticipating Ultra Sound!
Also negatives of alcohol fighting against important natural glial shrinkage. This prevents optimal draining during sleep.
Sleep allows Non Rapid Eye Movement NREM. To flush twenty times more effectively than during the day!
This NREM strongly suspect closely associated with Slow-wave sleep. New study in journal Science Translational Medicine. From the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.
which is  which is the deepest phase of non-rapid eye movement sleep, and is strongly linked to memory consolidation.
zeros in on the same tau proteins targeted by Queensland discussed above. The hypothesis behind the research is that decreased slow-wave sleep may correlate with increases in a brain protein called tau, linked to the cognitive decline.
Personally find exciting, following comment from new study first author, Brendan Lucey:
“The key is that it wasn’t the total amount of sleep that was linked to tau, it was the slow-wave sleep, which reflects quality of sleep,
“The people with increased tau pathology were actually sleeping more at night and napping more in the day, but they weren’t getting as good quality sleep.

Emphasis mine, and really excited.  Because: the hard and fast rule almost universally touted of minimum 7 hours now no longer fast! No, 6 hours could well  be fine. So long as there actually exists the truly deep good quality slow wave sleep. NREM but quality NREM!