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Grounding For Health, Sadly Animals Defying Humans?

Grounding For Health, Sadly Animals Defying Humans?
Grounding For Health, Sadly Animals Defying Humans?

One modality that I think is far more important than our present general understanding is that of Grounding for Health!

Simply put, it is The Discharge of electrons and equalization (neutralizing) of our personal electrical charge with the Earth.

Our Earth is generally in a negative state in comparison to ourselves.
That is why tree-huggers and children love being barefoot in the sand, much more to it!
Our bodies have adapted over the eons to gravity and a veritable bombardment of Solar ions.
And thus the necessity for appropriate DNA expression for the need for ionic equalization.
Ultimately, my conclusion: it is cellular health.
The effective disposal and handling of our Reactive Oxygen Species or ROS. This the byproduct of ADP. Which is our driving energy result at that basic cellular level!

But in contrast, our pet dogs, enjoy continuous grounding whenever they go for a walk. So long as their pads are in touch with grass, beach, dirt you name it, they are grounding! Cats unfortunately if indoors, are more problematic!

 Barefoot is Healthy!

Personally live with two dogs and three cats. All of them venture outdoors regularly! Barefoot Is Healthy! For them and us! But this is not so opportune for our ever newer way of “isolationist” (non-grounded) life.

Apartment living for example: on the 35th floor in 600 square feet has serious drawbacks for cats.

My belief is that the modality of grounding is VITALLY important! That WE MUST adapt to our isolationist living.
Utilize the grounding effects of any modern electrical plug… and even gas and water piping!
Simple to ground with the eath prong in an electrical outlet. In an apartment that runs all the way down to Earth.
Our way of life is NOW MORE abysmal respecting Grounding. Particularly since we have apparently fallen in love with running shoes.
It all started in the mid-fifties! We are now literally cut off from the Earth with very effective insulation.
Be it plastic or rubber. There is then no chance of natural grounding whilst walking outside!

Best is to take every opportunity to ground and to do so daily. When in shower and standing on a metal drain! But more:

Even with a Mercola grounding mat! I actually use one and travel with it as seen in the opening image.
Roll it up and pack it together with another incredible modality. Infrared LED flexible light band of about 10 in by 4 ins.
That, since the advent of LED lighting also extremely adaptable plus very portable and light!
It can be bound over our head, ears. Even other issue areas of our bodies such as knees where there may be inflammation.
I believe that Harvard professor, Dr. Michal Hamblin is a major force to pay attention to. This has been his field for some thirty years and he clearly knows his subject intimately! For us not to pay minimal attention is chancing fate!

But one huge sledgehammer is this one simple modality of Grounding. It effectively deals with inflammation, as does Infrared.

Consequently potential to vastly improve our health and longevity! That is what this site is all about…

To somehow coordinate all these differing avenues! And to make that sledgehammer as heavy as possible! Grounding For Health, Sadly Animals Defying Humans?