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Personal Fasting With Life-Changing Report!

Personal Fasting With Life-Changing Report!
Personal Fasting With Life-Changing Report!

Personal Fasting With Life-Changing Report! This Website seems to be ‘clicking’ in positive popularity.

There are good Videos, Blogs and YouTube sites out there. Often though with a promotional type bias. One has to be incisive and cut through all this. The promotion is often necessary for very survival and one forgives that particularly if the product is really good! An example: Dr. Joseph Mercola with his excellent products and another example is Dr. Berg’s Cruciferous Powder. 

But it is sometimes difficult to sort through the clutter out there. One needs an ‘inductive’ mind. Research often comes at a severe price.

A person who connects the dots to surrounding, often differing research, or even quite differing fields, is difficult to find! Thus recently a huge pressure on me to actually come out of the background. In addition I have a real positive experience on effective Personal Fasting.

Personally give tribute to the saving grace of exercise. Experience severe stress both in my work as a trial lawyer and business man. The vicarious responsibility ‘shooting gallery’ and lawsuit arena not pleasant.

Fight my DNA propensities and overcome Heart Disease risk, and Cancer.  Also shocking,almost uncontrollable infections, and most intense pain. At risk in my mind Dementia and Alzheimer’s.  Understand Plaques and Tangles! Have followed the concept of Hormesis, and understand the importance of Cellular Health.

Consequently believe have the key! Now in all this blog, so many disciplines and health modules are invoked. They are kind of all out there in their different compartments! Our world is chaotic Healthwise and is getting worse at an every increasing rate.
Personal Fasting Demonstrates Cellular Uplift:
But there is one particular module that I have concentrated upon. It is Stem Cells. My personal experience on Fasting is somewhat reflective of the Youtube sent this morning. It is accordingly placed at the bottom as a reference and an extremely instructive one!
Right back in 1911 Upton Sinclair writes about optimal fasting and he basically has it right! He picks about a ten day period! All this without the incredible research supportive of our particular period, as maximum optimum and preferable period five days.
A Scottish man Angus Barbieri in 1965 on a 380 day fast with no food and only water and black coffee. Vastly overweight, but drops 276 lbs and keeps an optimum weight of 196 lbs for many years.

There are all kinds of refinements. It seems to avoid muscle wastage some exercise is really beneficial. This as opposed to just sitting around! The uplinks of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) an anabolic hormone that protects muscles are implemented. Restricted Diet in my book is Not the way to go.

The Minnesota Starvation Diet just before the end of World War 2. example negative towards just restriction in calories. But takes us time to understand! However Canadian Dr. Fung understands! Also Dr. Valter Longo gets it, with his comments about Roy Walford in the Arizona biosphere! That just restriction, as Longo suspects, negative to Walford’s overall health and resistance to disease. No, personal fasting proves a life changing status!