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Impressive ‘Family First’ 41st President Bush!

Impressive 'Family First' 41st President Bush!
Impressive 'Family First' 41st President Bush!

George H.W. Bush, unforgettable 41st President & Family First man, now dead at 94 years of age. Consequently this respectful life review really helpful to us as an Emulative Lifestyle guide!

Silver Spoon Leg Up:

Prescott Bush was father to H.W. and by good fortune an immensely wealthy New York banker. But also a political heavy weight as Senator for Connecticut for ten years from 1952 to 1963. As a result he literally was able to give George H.W. a real leg-up, and guide post, both financially and politically! Moreover George H.W. married his childhood sweetheart, Barbara, after returning from World War 11, and her father, Marvin Pierce, was also financially well heeled as president of New York McCall Corp. that published women’s magazines including McCalls!
Negative Family Stress:
One: George H.W. earns many points for always standing by his wife Barbara.  To briefly explain, remember the alcohol issues? That consequent turmoil which invariably accompanies addiction of one’s close partner, is often an unbelievable stress.
Two: As a couple way back, the loss of their toddler, another unbelievable stress.
Three: Barbara Bush, a couple of years younger, recently passed away at 92. Often said that in senior years one spouse soon follows the other to the grave. Meaning the stress of loss is really too much to handle successfully in advanced years. As a result this became unfortunate reality as the final nail.
Do genetics bring George H.W. to that ripe old age of 94? The likely answer, is instead, an overwhelming longevity support from the positives of family and incredible extended family. The consequent result being that George H.W. Bush: really a Family First Man.
Positives for Stress:
First: Wealth: There is no money stress, as so often the downfall health wise to so many of us struggling with just living!
Second, Delegation: George H.W also seems to have this knack. Consequently his willingness to delegate by itself a huge stress avoidance. He stands back and although physically steeped in politics, does not really enter sometimes ugly fray! He delegates all that stress!
Third, Friendships: He has a remoteness about his character that is almost refreshing by today’s terms. Hence his ability to forge close bonds with Clinton his political successful rival. Again these relationships all help to counter the ongoing stresses of life, which I believe is a prime killer.
Fourth, Fate: George H.W. life philosophy perhaps from Navy times in World War 2. His two buddies in the same bomber, and fighting the Japanese, both dead, with him the sole survivor.
Fifth, Exercise & Movement: Another plus, is H.W. the athlete, there is no question he remained an active man. Seemingly continuously moving and impatient with the chair! Even parachuting late in his years! Consequently consider the video at the end of this article!
Giving Back:

Remember George H.W. Bush, was a man of no financial worries, with the legacy of his father’s wealth and politics as a senator.

As a result a real PLUS: his way being apparently stress free, but with a major benefit to his public. In particular, from his donation of his life to public service, but with no expectation or graft. This message his public really understood and got, and loved him for it. What a contrast with today!