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Add Salt! Healthy?

Add Salt! Healthy?
Add Salt! Healthy?

Another fetish just about out the window! Add Salt! Healthy? seems to contradict all healthy concepts that have been driven into us! The fear is increased blood pressure, risk of stroke and heart attack…you name it…all this not only standard wear on us the patient recipients, eager to follow advice…but also ingrained in medical culture and training! Research analysis of Russian astronauts at Mir station have countered commonplace understanding…the more salt ingested, the more thirsty, and the more urine output! Instead the contrary…more salt lowered thirst, and actually increased hunger! Instead an energy intensive process of access to fat and even muscle breakdown…glucocorticoid hormone level increase…actually increases water availability. Means counter instinctive result of less thirst…BUT greater hunger, no doubt because greater amount energy required for just this process.

Medical concept now turned on it’s ear…in that a high-salt diet will not increase risk of heart disease or stroke…it seems out of balance potassium to sodium ratio may influence risk of high blood pressure far more that just singularly high sodium! Add Salt! Healthy?

Dr. Jens Titze, kidney specialist Vanderbilt University, studied urine outputs on the Mir station…concluding amount of sodium in astronauts’ bodies seemed unrelated to urine discharge. Body seems to maintain constant sodium balance irrelevant to amount of salt intake! Instead of drinking more, crew drank less and excreted water coming from metabolism that I simplistically say parallels KETOSIS! The body was actually generating water when the salt intake was high! Thanks to Dr. Mercola pointing this out: Dr. Mark Zeidel, a nephrologist at Harvard Medical School, in commenting on Dr. Titze’s studies drew a parallel…that people, when eating salt effectively do what the desert camels do. When they are actually in the desert, where there is no water to drink…the camel creates or accesses water by breaking down the fat in its hump.

However a last word: try to avoid the usual table salt…its 97% sodium chloride with the balance of zero benefit…even counter beneficial…but natural salt is usually around the 84% mark, with 16% naturally occurring trace minerals, these really are beneficial….that pink Himalayan salt is just excellent! Even sea salt is a cut above normal table salt! Add Salt! Healthy? now an adage that seems justified…thanks to those astronauts!