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What is exciting about this Article Blood Flow & Light Therapy, is the almost isolated separate research, and positive results of Dr.Thomas Burke. He has recently zeroed in on Brain Repair…I am including the whole YouTube…this as yet another element of major reassurance that we on this Blog are walking…personally am trying to run….the right path. He also touches on cumulative effect…another continual theme of this Blog….of more than one therapeutic approach. All these are in arenas already accepted for ‘some’ therapeutic use by the FDA. Accordingly we are not suddenly postulating a novel use of light therapy! This is a major consideration politically, and allows family doctors to co-operate, rather than shying away from frontiers, where perhaps even their licence in jeopardy!

We know for example, professional sports teams use hyperbaric chambers to increase oxygen flow to damaged tissues to their players, in the hope of, and apparent successful faster repair. The combination of two or more disciplines…along with use of near infra red therapy is discussed by Dr. Burke. The hyperbaric chamber, long used for divers with diver’s bends…and now for professional injury repair…PLUS near infrared therapy.

This is right along the theory of this BLOG…of multifaceted attacks on Metabolic Syndrome disease, particularly Alzheimer’s. Blood Flow & Light Therapy.

This man is spot on! His remarks considered, and not fighting the system, but co-operating with it! For complete comprehension of a multifaceted approach this YouTube video is an excellent reference! The irony of all this! What equipment? Dr. Hamblin of Harvard…one of my favorite researchers…just a classic…really makes the issue sound simple! But where to access the LED strip that he uses?! I may just have to pick up that phone. What I am searching for is an economic practical way to cover infra red and near infrared, and package Photomodultion as a given…along with a multi faceted agenda! The brain damaged war veterans that Dr. Burke discusses…anecdotal agreed…but obviously the dramatic results were achieved, and in such a short time. This may to some extent revolutionize concussion injury…also discussed on this Blog. The key is actually dealing with the brain tissue directly and any manner of crossing the natural brain barrier initiates plethora of positives. Blood Flow & Light Therapy!