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Because we ingest many compounds with food intake…Daily 2500!…Metabolomic science, now with lightening speed, computer technology, is capable of finding meaningful markers in our overall metabolism. These markers may be real indicators of our underlying health and prospects! Metabolomics, actually an ancient art, used in assisting diagnosis way back! example..ants interested ingesting patient’s urine, confirmation of sugar and indicator of diabetic,..that’s way before lab testing! But now looking for indicators is a new technology skill! One such indicator, it turns out, is TMAO (Trimethylamine N-oxide) derives from liver, which converts TMA into TMAO…the liver in turn gets TMA from gut bacteria, that, in turn, converts Choline into TMA. What is Choline?…This WEB has been high on this as providing all sorts of nutrient positives…BUT it derives from meat, fish , dairy, and eggs. METABOLOMICS Help LIFESTYLE?

The Cleveland Clinic have some 4000 persons followed for three years, and found that those with high TMAO readings independent of other standard medical guides (such as cholesterol readings), have as much as a 9X chance of a heart attack, or stroke! METABOLOMICS Help LIFESTYLE?

Now this is somewhat shocking for advocates, such as this WEB, for some mix of foods, fish and fresh organic eggs! Cleveland even determined killing gut bacteria with antibiotics, no TMAO! let the gut recover, problem renewed! But I have, hopefully, an observation. Most of our population do have gut bacteria…BUT…unfortunately it’s the WRONG & unhealthy type. Mostly we eat improperly, few prebiotics and lacking the right probiotics. This only comes from lots of vegetables, either digestible or not…thus our circuit is wrong to start with. This with respect to the Cleveland Clinic, but its an old story….start with an even playing field and not victims of our North American diet!

Conclusion, compromise…emphasize vegetables, which is the loud message, and go gently on the diet mix, particularly meat derived! Let’s take the hint, and those of us vulnerable to a family history of atherosclerosis, or diabetes, tread carefully! METABOLOMICS Help LIFESTYLE?