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Stem Cells To Change Medicine?

Stem Cells To Change Medicine?
Stem Cells To Change Medicine?

Immortality has been an elusive human search for eons! Unfortunately for University and College colleague, the now deceased Stephen Hawking…(Trinity Hall, Cambridge)…our paths intersected, it was the usual accepted College courtesy, and acknowledgement…recent rapid advances were, and as he surmised, too slow to unlock that brilliant mind from his enfeebled body (see video). His quote: “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change“. In the world of longevity our society displays an opposite to Hawking’s concept of adaptation when it comes to stem cells. Hawking also prophetically said: “Stem cell research is the key to developing cures for degenerative conditions like Parkinson’s and motor neuron disease from which I and many others suffer. The fact that the cells may come from embryos is not an objection, because the embryos are going to die anyway.” Stem Cells To Change Medicine? Just a couple of decades may have made all the difference for Hawking…would love to have seen him literally ‘unlocked from bodily prison’. As a pointed aside: cannot understand why that British establishment of advice and bestowal of awards in that class structured society, limited Hawking to merely Commander of the British Empire. His accepted phenomenal mastery of the universe and academic achievement, aside from personal example of sheer gutsy achievement despite massive physical disadvantage. Then that example to others…surely made a Knighthood a ‘no-brainer’…and for that matter perhaps a similar sneer to the politics of the Nobel prize system!? In reality he was above these politically driven award systems…and in so many ways!

All sorts of research out there referencing potential longevity. Example: gene therapy in relation to telomere lengthening, but not overly optimistic in this quarter…it seems too fine a balance between potential accomplishment and vulnerability to cancer! Today, children have about 4 in 1 chance of making 100…although a sudden drop for the first time in life expectancy is worry!..and frighteningly by 2050 there will be more than 1 million centenarians in the US, a disaster for internal health cost and grief unless there is a breakthrough for their quality of living!!

Personally convinced we are at threshold for quantum leap with stem cell therapy. Stem Cells To Change Medicine? Further an added huge advantage and breathtaking potential for those essentially written off by society and medicine…those of advancing and advanced years! Medicine as we now know it will be drastically turned on its ears…and this Blog’s communication should assist in distribution of an inductive analysis of research that seems so compartmentalized, that cross reference and analysis is almost a rare exception!

Ironically, Silicon Valley recently may be driving Stem Cell impetus. The sudden interest in Health and Longevity has found a symbiotic niche in that valley! There is home for SENS Research Foundation, where biomedical gerontologist scientist Aubrey de Grey’s objective is funding for rejuvenation research focused on damage repair and turning back the biological clock for quality life before death. Empathy though for one gut hitting question to this somewhat prolix ‘Brit’…recognize them!…to the effect that if Rejuvenation the Theme…why does he look so old!…personally, and may be biased…he looks ridiculously, and somewhat bizarrely aged, with that extraordinarily long beard!..hardly a flagship to a cause! and not THAT old, contrary to his ‘non sequitur’ seemingly Pavlovian response! BUT reality is that he rides that financial wave connected to the genius of life altering technological events that perhaps thinks longevity perhaps mere alteration of certain DNA ciphers!

To cut to the chase…personal belief that the real upside hangs with Stem Cells…that we can generally stimulate our own stem cells and obtain the advantages of reinvigorated ‘youthful’ cells with Fasting techniques…Here Valter Longo is most helpful, having devised a more palatable ‘discipline’ that probably can be followed. A helpful YouTube on Senescence is that of Dr Rhonda Patrick…whom this site recognizes as brilliant…she crosses disciplines!..and her interview with Judith Campisi PhD. (see below) a fellow researcher. This discussion is promising for the not so faint of heart as it centers around Mitochondria that in the end provide the magic for Longevity. However, for real effectiveness this Blog ascribes to a three to five day outright water fast with nutrient supplementation…for another day! Then for specific site conditions:…be it neural…such as MS, or knees:…such as meniscus and arthritis, or just an alternative to the discipline or fasting:. or cosmetic:…after all collagen breaks down with age, and skin is our largest organ that symbolizes youth…particularly if one is conquering age! Stem Cells To Change Medicine?