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Aging Sarcopenia Challenge & HIST/HIIT Solution!

Aging Sarcopenia Challenge & HIST/HIIT Solution!
Aging Sarcopenia Challenge & HIST/HIIT Solution!

Doug McGuff makes an excellent case for less is better when it comes to exercising for health. He really is almost only interested in HIST (High-Intensity Strength Training).

But I have some modifications using BOTH HIST AND HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) based on personal Health History and Experience.

The reason is that HIIT also produces proteins that provide beneficial Nitric Oxide dumps for the arterial wall linings.

My objective to stop and abate calcification. I am one of those unfortunate individuals that have a high CAC score.

McGuff HIST, which I also accomplish once a week in about 12 minutes, is extraordinarily effective in tearing down muscle groups.

BUT muscles must be re-fed with precise timing to optimize buildup. This is to avoid Sarcopenia or muscle wastage.

The problem for me also is overall exhaustion from doing too much of BOTH HIST and HIIT.

Lack of energy, or fatigue a symptom. BUT I also wrestle with being a coffee addict! I know that in all likelihood I get a caffeine low. The only way to test this is to use the on and off switch.

This means on for two days of your favorite coffee with as many as three or four cups. And then off for a couple of days of withdrawal.

After a while, the two days off will be easy and the mean line and coffee line of enthusiasm for life jumps up! No down days anymore!

Another trick is to substitute coffee with tea. Tea is easy to measure in terms of strength. Just use a bag and take it out whilst the tea is still weak. Then you can reuse the bag!

Certainly, the case can be made that one can do too much. Negates an awful lot of otherwise positive results from the Growth Hormones release.

Sarcopenia is a condition characterized by loss of skeletal muscle mass and function

My conclusion: pay careful attention to Sarcopenia.

Consideration of eating fast absorbing protein and adequate amount to trigger rebuilding of the muscle!

This research is comparatively recent and McGuff probably aware anyway at his clinics.

The University of Southern California under the aegis of Valter Longo has had remarkable research results…but a minimum amount of protein is necessary and relatively quickly, in order to optimize rebuild.

In other words, we have to avoid ‘decompensation’ for all the positives! Just one significant factor may be so material as to undo all those positives!

So let’s take that HIST…done really slowly and to effective muscle failure…

after about several muscle groups…and it really just comes down to half dozen or less…

assume undertaken at the front end of the day.

Let’s say before breakfast! Means before ‘breaking fast’! THEN way I read it…take at least 25 grams of FAST-ACTING PROTEIN POWDER at ONE-HALF HOUR AFTER WEIGHTS WORKOUT HIST or HIIT …Use Whey powder!

All this also to avoid muscle breakdown!!

I use these workouts whether HIST OR HIIT as days when I do not intermittent fast beyond say about 12 hours.

Make sure the Whey powder is ORGANIC and WITHOUT Sucralose or added sugar.

Grass-fed cows are ideal and it is possible to source even from California!

In summary One and a half hours after the end of the workout session drink Organic Whey.

Make effective use of time by adding Sauna session to normal Changing Room Ablutions routine

By utilizing that one and a half hours to use sauna and cold shock shower? BUT care and check with your GP that you are a candidate!

The advantage of Sauna is Heat Shock Proteins. Then conclude that 20 minute episode with a cold shower to add Cryotherapy.

Even more proteins. These provide Hormesis and Hormesis provides cellular and mitochondria rebuild.

A final caveat, do not overdo the protein for the rest of the day! For myself, I restrict myself to just some 80 mg. in total and about 20 gm of Whey. Aging Sarcopenia Challenge & HIST/HIIT Solution!