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Miracle Ketosis & Stem Cell Therapy Triumph!

Miracle Ketosis & Stem Cell Therapy Triumph!
Miracle Ketosis & Stem Cell Therapy Triumph!

Miracle Ketosis & Stem Cell Therapy Triumph! The reality is that most of us do not have the fortitude or necessary discipline to undergo an optimal five day fast intermittently! But the converse intermittent fast, not intermittently, but frequently, we have a good chance of accomplishing! The common denominator? Ketosis of course!

A great article recently by the Healing Miracle Team: The Perfect Pair: Ketogenic Diet & Stem Cell Therapy. Their article photo succinct, graphic, and am placing it right here:

Agree that the ketogenic diet popular and means following a high fat, low carbohydrate regimen. That it is one of the most effective weight loss plans around.
But weight loss almost a side benefit! There are other huge cellular benefits. Direct beneficial link to our brains. Good news, not only for epilepsy, especially in children but for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It is ironic that about century ago this type of therapy was prescribed for epileptic seizures in children!
It also seems that kidney disease caused by type 1 and 2 diabetes reversible. Own view is that type two diabetes itself reversible! Also positive for the wellness of patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injuries and other issues.
The real question! Why is keto proving to be a valuable ally when in association stem cell therapy?
The term ‘keto’ comes from ketone. The ketogenic diet induces a state of ketosis. Where our cells acquire energy via ketones when our blood sugar is low and fat levels high.
Without carbohydrates, the ketones look toward fat stores for energy. Usually, the easiest source that obese fat around our midriff!
Significantly cancer cells do not thrive in a ketogenic environment, largely because the cancerous cells can’t consume ketones.
Without a glucose oxygenated combustion environment to sustain them, these cancer cells starve and die out. The process of Autophagy is the resulting causative and positive cellular mechanism.
Stem cells often from adipose fat to bring about natural regeneration of tissue, (knee cartilage!) muscle, and organs.
Bone marrow stem cells similar to adipose, but more negatives particularly invasive to obtain!
Mesenchymal stem cells or MSCs now on minds of the Healing Team as a significant therapeutic threshold.
Personally however tie Autophagy directly to our own unharvested cells!
At this cellular level, any autophagy is beneficial, by eliminating senescent cells that potentially can always cause serious trouble. This includes cancer.
But they are stimulating to our Stem Cells. Personally believe that for a continual good health regimen the symbiosis is invaluable.

But for longevity AND health, and by longevity I’m talking the ‘quantum leap’ in years, I believe it’s necessary to follow a more extensive Fasting regimen that I have discussed on this site. Miracle Ketosis & Stem Cell Therapy Triumph!