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Non Health Longevity Risk…Accidents!

Non Health Longevity Risk...Accidents
Non Health Longevity Risk...Accidents

Recently a spate of publicity as to dangers of big vehicles….that they kill. Indeed they do…for several reasons: their bumpers…thanks to bureaucratic incompetence…fail to match with other vehicles…also kill because they are heavier.

Physics it’s momentum, when weight is coupled with their speed. For every 1000 lbs comparatively added to the weight of a car, the heavier vehicle becomes 40% more likely to turn a crash into a fatal collision. Put another way, for every one pickup truck driver killed in a side impact, 25 other drivers are killed in a car.

Just driving a car opens up a risk of accident…and potential injury including surprising numbers of neural injury. This is why the Honda Civics and Nissan Cubes, although highly rated in crash tests, are in fact quite deadly. For this reason recommend subscribing to the ‘Bumper to Bumper Campaign’….if only it starts to get bureaucrats doing something positive!

In the meantime think survival….Drive an SUV and encourage spouse and children likewise. When children learn to drive…until the mayhem of unequal weights is neutralized …selfishly pay that extra fuel, it is cheap insurance…(ironically indirectly there is strong argument plus if viewed in the ‘total’ environmental envelope…but that a debate for another time!)….as momentum truly kills…Non Health Longevity Risk…Accidents!

sadly in 2016 more Americans died from accidental drug overdoses…fast becoming same in Canada. But other accident causes…U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports: high unintentional poisonings, falls, and accidental deaths…
The National Safety Council (NSC) reports: rapid rise of accidental deaths…home or elsewhere…example campgrounds with substantial increase in this sector. Numbers surpass homicides by some 8 to 1..also results in nearly 50 million injuries, 7 million of which disabling.

Even tree cutting is dangerous!

Huge number of amputations just from lawnmowers!..and sadly children riding the machines which can tip over.

Ladders always dangerous and potentially lethal…when climbing always have someone stabilize base!…some 700 deaths year in the US just from this!

Myriads of other increasingly risky areas as we spend more time outdoors…portable generators…propane gas on boats…propeller blades, even lakes dangerous…increased drownings, ice and cold water risks of hypothermia…diving into shallows..fast moving water.

Oceans…remember currents, nearly nailed me in Kuwai! shore surge, surf, corral, sharks. Land equivalents: bears…make noises ahead to scare bears off…particularly with cubs! ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) inherently dangerous and their winter equivalent (snow mobiles)…

at home, kitchens potential nightmares…caution with knives, blenders…and the list goes on! Sports…North American fascination with contact sports…football, hockey…and where again size is potentially seriously harmful.

Familiarity first aid a must! That also means CPR….It is amazing how few medical doctors really know what to do when that chilling airline announcement for request of a doctor on board! Respectfully, with some exceptions, forget dentists…who are confusingly on passenger list as doctors! British prejudice, where dentists have the title of ‘Mister’, but that is really a compliment, as they are essentially surgeons, who also proudly use the title of Mister. Saves confusion on the plane…and let’s ignore German planes…where lawyers even proudly call themselves Doctors!

Message…Longevity is also statistical factor…but if one is sensible, the negative odds can become more favorable…even boarding on a plane from safety statistics now starts to look reasonable…but watch the airline, weather and avoid unnecessary flights…and really be cautious in third world countries!