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Rules, Senseless Coronavirus Tests THE Problem!

Rules, Senseless Coronavirus Tests THE Problem!
Rules, Senseless Coronavirus Tests THE Problem!

I was walking by a park the other day and looked over to see a mother with two young children on a blanket with a picnic. The park is adjacent to apartment buildings and it must be a relief to get to the outdoors of a sunny evening.

She was wearing a mask. There was nobody in range of her family for many many yards, or meters, whatever. The sky was blue and she was in the outdoors.

Her children were thankfully spared the masks and their natural instincts perhaps to immediately tear them off. Much like the instinct to avoid suffocation in bed!

To my mind this is crazy, but she may be following official protocol. I have given up trying to fathom the latest edict!

Fortunately, it seems in British Columbia the outdoor masks remain optional. But what of this mother’s health and how on earth can she properly enjoy a picnic with her children?

I look at her conduct as smothering her own shedding of viruses and we have many of those, right down to the common cold! She is certainly not doing herself any good.

Is it that she is trying to protect her own children? On this point they were not infants…and the stats indicate that their likelihood of survival of coronavirus is incredibly high.

In fact, they probably would not even be aware of the infection. From her standpoint wearing a mask is causing more secretions and many types of viral amplification.

Plus immune-suppressive personal climate, as for instance limiting the production of Interferon.

She is increasing her chance of getting sick from any number of causes and that is certainly not in her children’s interest!

Even our tests are insanity. The RT-PCR is too slow and only tests a fractional sector. It virtually guarantees overestimation or false positives.

The real Coronavirus test is the antibody test that should be turned around fast as in Korea.

I also look upon it as painful and for many in the world expensive! The real Coronavirus test is the antibody test that should be turned around fast as in Korea.

This will tell whether you have had the infection at some point and also whether you have developed an immune response that would enable you to fight the infection should it hit again!

And the key is speed. I do not see any of that here in BC and certainly not in the US.

We are generally lucky here in BC with infection numbers and it may well be because of herd immunity.

That this virus came to these shores much earlier than anyone knows. Because of our hopeless testing systems, we can only guess, but herd immunity seems to be a reality in this part of the world!

There could be a whole world out there with immunity and they do not even know it.

Instead, like this woman in the park, everyone seems to be struggling with a complete lack of knowledge and likely false guidance.

Rather than using PCR testing, “what should have been done is a test for antibodies,” This is what was done in South Korea.

An antibody test will tell you whether you had the infection at some point, and have developed a strong immune response or immunological memory that will allow you to fight the infection should you encounter it again.

I just worry about the swab line ups, and the ridiculous time is taken to process. Even if that is now a faster turnaround the general apparent unreliability. That means countries such as Britain are recording falsely a huge number of positives.

The other ingredient is a hangover from retroviruses even from past immunizations. There may just be a worry here that this whole complicated field is fraught with endless complications that really means the fast search for immunization is itself fraught with its own nightmare!

I empathize with that woman in the park, maybe it is just as well that she is oblivious to the many disturbing issues. Rules, Senseless Coronavirus Tests THE Problem!