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Spoiler Baby Boomers Victims Coronavirus

Spoiler Baby Boomers Victims Coronavirus
Spoiler Baby Boomers Victims Coronavirus

I have an instinctive aversion to facemasks, particularly in using them outdoors. I know they are the first line of defense against Coronavirus but where we use them makes all the difference. From my reading of the massive amount of material on virus spread, once outdoors the likelihood of getting contaminated is minimal.

Obviously, if a carrier coughs directly upon you, there is a consequence. But it means that there must be a carrier and you have to be a victim in that the droplets are on your face.

Usually, masks just protect the mouth and nose. Really it is the eyes that are a vulnerable target.

If we are subjected to the concept of wearing a mask outdoors let it be a face shield that still allows normal breathing.

Masks restrict Oxygen and increase Carbon Dioxide. This is not a good metabolic structure!

In addition, we continue as humans to naturally shed viruses and all kinds of them. A mask throttles the natural shedding process.

Regurgitation of viruses from whatever strain is not a good idea! That is my take on it.

A little different indoors, in crowded environments. But the key here is to get in and out! It is that chance encounter where one ingests the virus from a carrier to a vulnerable area that includes the eyes!

The real Coronavirus victims with the ugly numbers are the Baby Boomers.

But what really gets me is the continual lack of knowledge as to how widespread this virus is. I understand the curve and flattening it. The real Coronavirus victims with the ugly numbers are the Baby Boomers. It is this sector of society that is subject to multiple medical compromises. The key for older persons is to follow informed blogs such as this and do everything to optimize the various modalities so that those odds are not consequential!

This is because our medical systems were woefully prepared and ill-equipped. It is almost criminal the negligence involved for those who are in authority.

Then there is the usual inability of our medical ICU to deviate beyond really restrictive parameters.

The touted ventilators may be the wrong treatment for many. It seems that Oxygen is key, and not enforced breathing!

Also, treatment with certain available drugs and supplements has had remarkable success. The problem is that the ICU heads may be operating towards a different agenda.

What is interesting is that SARS-CoV-2 mortality, despite the hype on the news, never experienced exponential growth. This suggests that a majority of people may have had some prior resistance.

Statistical data reveals a mathematical pattern that has stayed consistent regardless of the interventions implemented. After two weeks of exponential growth, the growth curve quickly becomes sub-exponential.

Even those who have never been exposed may have resistance at the T cell recognition level.

The common cold is a corona type virus and as many as 60% may have this kind of cross-reactive T cell higher protection.

One statistician believes the ratio of people that are not susceptible to COVID-19 could be as high as 80%.

Once sensible behaviors such as staying home when sick are entered into this model, any potential benefit of lockdown efforts vanish altogether.

Nobel prize scientist Michael Levitt claims the rate of SARS-CoV-2 mortality is not experiencing exponential growth, as was predicted. Suggesting a majority of people may have some kind of prior resistance or immunity.

Levitt is a professor of structural biology at the Stanford School of Medicine. Nobel Prize winner in 2013 for his development of multiscale models for complex chemical systems! He has a point and a reputation to make it!

Arbitrary mask rules for all kinds of environments, particularly outside, is in my opinion a disaster. Let people breathe the fresh air, and also enjoy the natural vitamin D. It is not the ultimate answer as proven by California, Florida and Arizona but it most assuredly helps our natural defenses. Arresting lone persons on remote park beaches with their shirts off to the sun seems crazy to me!  This IS an important modality and particularly for those with darker skins. Spoiler Baby Boomers Victims Coronavirus