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Vitamin D Triggers Protection COVID-19

Vitamin D Triggers Protection COVID-19
Vitamin D Triggers Protection COVID-19

There are a whole lot of suspicious pointers indicating that Vitamin D is far more significant if we are at a deficit than is common knowledge. In short, this means a significant INCREASE in vulnerability to a virus such as COVID-19.

Scientist Rhonda Patrick, whom I really admire for her incredible mind and masterly understanding of modality deficit significance. Listening to her podcast requires some mental agility because there is just so much in the torrent of information.

BUT my task is to identify the maximum outcome for the buck as it were!! I have always considered a vitamin deficit as highly significant to health outcomes. Vitamin C is a classic.

But Vitamin D is probably far more subtle in its immense protective effect. Vitamin D, in fact, is a Steroid Hormone that regulates 5% of our genome!!! It is a fat-soluble vitamin.

Essentially it is obtained from skin exposure to the sun. By that means optimal exposure.

White-skinned persons essentially are sensitive which maybe has something to do with past Northern climes adaption.

It seems that 70% of the US population is at an insufficiency level! This has to do with an indoor behavioral almost forced environmental conduct. Home, Office, Car, Gym, it goes on!

Who are primarily vulnerable?

Vitamin D deficit Real issue for Elderly…can understand they may not go outdoors at all!

Males…they have only one ACE2 gene on their X Chromosome. Women have 2.

And Chronic illness, exemplified by obesity a particularly vulnerable US negative modality. susceptible persons abound…

What is the solution?

Well, it all comes down to what I call Deficit Modalities.

Let’s avoid optimally any Deficit of Vitamin D3 and that takes discipline. This means probably some exposure to sunlight if possible.

Vitamin D backup supplementation as we have a disadvantage, particularly in winter, of living in Northern latitudes.

I personally believe the ebb and flow of virus, in any event, seems co-dependent upon the ebb and flow of summer and winter seasons.

Darker skins need far more Vitamin D as the skin is a protective element. This can exacerbate problems. Classic examples of Somalis in Sweden, and African Americans disproportionate vulnerability to COVID-19 above and beyond the economic factors that many are faced with.

Ideally, we should optimize… that means just enough sun without burning and no alcohol during sun exposure, which immediately neutralizes the benefits!

BUT ALSO THERE IS THE REAL PLUS of ACE2 cellular protection also built in with Vitamin D. Essentially in lay terms Vitamin D works at our cellular level to afford us Cellular protection. This seems to be an implicit expression of our cells. BUT IT REQUIRES SUFFICIENCY and on a long term basis!

In summary: Ideally, optimize the intake of Vitamin D3 with 4000 IUs per day to reduce COVID-19 risk. It is a cellular positive response through our own genetic expression.

Do not take too much Vitamin D. Rhonda has pegged this at 4000! If you are deplete then a slightly higher dosage to bring the levels up. This takes time. But the protective benefits may be considerable and well worth concentrating on this particular Modality. Vitamin D Triggers Protection COVID-19.