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Northern Sunlight Health Disaster

Northern Sunlight Health Disaster
Northern Sunlight Health Disaster

Major, and overlooked missing link to our mitochondrial health, what our DNA heritage has given to us…for free! The YouTube, TED address of Dr. Richard Weller, a dermatologist (see video below)…struggling with essentially irreconcilable disciplines indoctrinating dermatologists by training, and his open ‘research’ mind on the benefits sunlight. Points out Northern Sunlight Health Disaster…particularly in Edinburgh…which labors with severely restricted natural sunlight in winter…similar North West American continent…’disposable’ medical students…. hilarious…but serious side to this. Would say 99% of us miss it! Effect upon Metabolic Syndrome issues…dramatic…including not only heart disease, that Weller discusses…but other black disaster: Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Weller correctly hypothesised as result of good mixed vegetable and fruit diet, our skin is laced, or predisposed, potential produce NITRIC OXIDE or NO…which in turn relaxes blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. BUT that potential is stymied in the absence of natural sunlight upon the skin. Northern Sunlight Health Disaster.

Exposure unlocks sequence inherited as a DNA, remarkable, expression that with our way of life, with world locations, consistently fail optimize. Originally plant and fruit eaters…before that plant and fruit eaters!…but around equator. Direct sunlight with little sun angle…as result, year round. Skin then darker, to protect too much exposure!! That’s problem darker skins in Northern climes! But, although most living in these regions, are lighter skin, and as result benefit faster from sunlight than those with darker skins, devastating winter months still result in a major health hazard…now some only just realizing! This, magic of Mediterranean diets! It’s Location Location!

But where Weller has not trodden, and personally think is ‘goldmine’ of benefit. Factoring of correct wavelengths for infra red, that we also benefit from natural sun exposure. As important as Ultra Violet…and personal belief: really a breakthrough once realized for fighting not only Heart Disease, Diabetes, but Dementia and Alzheimer’s…and NOW! The 660 nm of Red, and near infrared at 830 nm, are both powerfully beneficial for mitochondrial function. Cytochrome c oxidase, one of electron transport chains in the mitochondria, are chromophores sensitive to these wavelengths, once absorbing energy, ATP and mitochondrial cellular positive functioning… drastically increased! Obviously there is some risk factor for skin cancer from over exposure to sunlight…but as Weller has pointed out….this may be outweighed many times by the mitochondrial benefits, including even cellular mitochondrial resistance to Melanoma itself! Northern Sunlight Health Disaster!