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Prince Philip, Health Correct, Politically Incorrect!


Prince Philip, consort Queen Elizabeth 2nd. will ‘formally’ retired later this year…kind of! Vancouver Sun Article May 5th. 2017. History, by numbers, of his GAFFs…cynically amusing, really through cultural ignorance…somewhat unfair. Admittedly he has been, sometimes grossly, inappropriately, and politically utterly ‘incorrect’. BUT huge proviso…his ‘class’, ‘upbringing’, cultural humor, even ‘comedic’ thinking ‘one liners’…remember, he went to Gordonstone Public School, Scotland…which, in fact, exclusive private boarding school. Subjected Charles, who’s personality, unfortunately, was ill equipped to handle, with consequential ultimate bullying. In other countries incomprehensible, but that’s what cruelty is, in the upper crust society of Britain. Prince Philip, Health Correct, Politically Incorrect!

BUT it is his example of Health that is significant…Already this Blog has discussed both the Queen and Philip, and some of reasons for mental alertness, and capacity. Prince Philip, Health Correct, Politically Incorrect!

Britain notorious for poor diet…it is improving…but this is majorly offset by food industry advertising and lobby. The nation, in personal opinion, stemming from candy…called sweets there…rationing many years post World War 2…thanks to governmental, bureaucratic, fixation, and control! Philip was never a typical ‘Brit’ eater, nor for that matter, a typical Brit! Born Greece, raised with fluency from Greece, Germany…huge German heritage, back to Victoria!…downplayed Brits because of War. Exposure to sunshine Mediterranean climates, foods…Mediterranean and Germanic. Athleticism, and Exercise. Many vacations wintertime to sun belts. Naval culture and commarady. Little Stress…he has never had the type of business stress, and workday stress of the masses! Perhaps from trailing the Queen as number 2 in pecking order!…and apparent failure of his son Charles to reach his expectations…exceptions!

For a tall man, always kept his weight in check…little wear on joints. A lifetime of continual movement…throughout the day…cynically, freedom as a ‘man’ from over zealous supervision by spouse…no doubt he has had his infidelities, that perhaps inappropriate, and even regrets…but code of silence by British press in past! Organic foods from Estates…hardly eats from supermarket! Controls his alcohol intake! Usually finishes dinner early, and light eater! No excess proteins, despite liking for BBQs. HIT exercising, with intense aristocratic sport of Polo! Brain active…several languages…author…interested in myriad subjects…did not ‘retire’ as senior. His Longevity no accident! Prince Philip, Health Correct, Politically Incorrect!