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Master Plastic Chaos For Lifetime Health!

Master Plastic Chaos For Lifetime Health!
Master Plastic Chaos For Lifetime Health!

Master Plastic Chaos For Lifetime Health! AND one Perspective on Obesity! Assuming our food choices basically right! Why are we now worldwide getting more obese! Completely agree with David Friedman that toxins, and particularly plastics are the major disruptors.

Plastics in and around our foods, such as wrapping, cooking utensils, or storing! These are endocrine disruptors, often carcinogenic and autoimmune ‘triggers’.
Example BPA:
stands for bisphenol A. BPA is an industrial chemical to make certain plastics and resins since the 1960s.
Look for that number 3 and 5 under any plastic container, that’s the clue that it contains BPA!
But even substitutes risky! Personally, I shun water in plastic containers if possible. What can also be more environmentally non-green anyway! Imagine sending containers to North America from bottling somewhere in France!
Maybe Green Millenials will eliminate these unhealthy examples, BUT simply for environmental concerns! This is now the emerging political generation.
They may spend untold hours on screens, be physically unfit, even critically at disadvantage for their lifetime health. But they are immediately informed and trending!
I also remember cans or “tins” in England! which contain excellent organic foods such as wild salmon or tuna, yet simultaneously have BPA lining to prevent metal contamination! You get ‘hung if you do or not’!

Now Freedman’s final message on plastics relating to plastic receipts! When I go through Costco, I personally ask them to put receipt, that is necessary to show, in bag or box wheeling out. But have real concerns for staff!

The receipt paper is ready free BPA and absorbs into the body right away:
Maybe those ‘healthy shoppers’ at Whole Foods who are obese, but under disadvantage hugely because of this BPA!
A further issue raised is phthalates, a plasticizer.
In milk because of plastic tubing milking cows, and even shower curtains.
Also PFOAs or perfluorooctanoic acid. Found non-stick cookware.
There is an irony in cooking all that healthy organic food, and risking potentially really damaging health disadvantages of the toxins, including metals such as aluminum.
Better with stainless steel or even heavy iron pans, that have less disadvantage!
In the end, it is the ability of our bodies to handle the torrent of toxin abuse thrown at it.

This all because our lifestyle now so far away from what our genetics, and those built in genetic expressions our birthright over millions of years!

Even predating the dinosaurs that were just a blip of time ago!

Yes indeed: Master Plastic Chaos For Incredible Health!