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Anabolic Muscle Development

Anabolic Muscle Development

Leucine is vital to prevent muscle breakdown but the corollary is also true…how do athletes build up muscle strength and why? It’s a fine line between enough muscle for the athletic task and not too much weight for “baggage’ to carry. Trainers are usually completely confused on the biochemistry. But this is the way I see it.  Leucine is a branch chain amino acid found in foods, but to achieve enough for anabolic development of the muscle usually requires lots of protein… like a pound or two of meat…or almonds…and easily more than a dozen eggs!! Thus a reason some athletes eat hoards of protein for Anabolic Muscle Development.

This runs contrary that overconsumption of protein is actually negative and one should protein count. In fact nearly everyone overeats proteins and its damaging in maintaining a proper inter percentage of fats, carbs, and proteins! Look at Leucine as a catalyst for muscle development and the magic is that it’s found in Whey! I have written about Whey in the past and look carefully at labels when in CostCo because they often use sweeteners like Sucralose!

Ideally within half an hour of a serious muscle workout or weight training, take just over an ounce (35 grams!) Whey powder and this solves the anabolic issue….instead of breakdown there is build up. Thus Anabolic Muscle Development.

If you follow HIST..High Intensity Strength Training…which is very slow movement for key muscle groups of the body to complete failure of the muscles! This need only be accomplished once a week, and then is the time for recovery. But take 35 grams Whey! Otherwise if following HIIT..Hight Intensity Interval Training, this is less associated with actual muscle build up…reduce the Whey powder perhaps, but for safety I would keep it the same. This is particularly important during a fasting period. Thus some Whey protein that has little effect on the Fasting but protects against muscle wastage!  Anabolic Muscle Development!