Optimum Health, But Avoidance Depression, Practicality Compromise!
Optimum Health, But Avoidance Depression, Practicality Compromise!

Optimum health within practical reason is a sound objective. We see obesity all around us. The sad result is that obesity is complicated and so tough to tackle.

Private thought:

is real ultimate culprit Glucose and Fructose.

Particularly High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). Some twenty times sweeter than simple sugar, and is extremely addictive.

In fact, the addiction is as powerful as some of the most potent drugs out there!

But to tackle obesity also involves the right mental attitude! If we are overstressed, we become essentially a chronic walking basket case. It is so difficult to address and overcome the subtleties of, for instance, causation HFCS, unless we have the right mental attitude!

Personal experience from close relationships and friendships with potentially overweight and obese.

An apparent destiny to uncontrolled obesity, and effect upon our mind can be overwhelming.

Also, all-consuming, and often with a particular accompanying negative depression.

This, in turn, can lead to disastrous results! Children are particularly vulnerable.

So DEPRESSION and its potential so important.

Stress is an overall killer modality anyway! Any method of attack or blunting is welcome. Whether one is obese, or for other reasons depressed the YouTube of Dr. Rhonda Patrick is so informative!

There are so many researchers out there, but my knowledge about Rhonda, she is a fountain of pertinent information.

But Rhonda Patrick science and research ‘streams’ out! My summary conclusion here helpful, otherwise one can get totally lost:

It is the complexity in the amount of science and research, depth of knowledge, the specialty of terms and even the speed of Rhonda’s discussion!

Our brain centers can be a monopoly of serious drugs, such as heroin, and all the way down that ugly ladder! This surely a threshold task to eliminate!
The current trend of actual obesity acceptance is really tantamount to surrender.
real criticism here is understanding the metabolism and insulin resistance syndrome.
Also our health system, public and elected officials, drug industry cartel, and ever controlling bureaucrats separate nightmare!
A further dilemma is that one-third of all adults are classified as obese today. There is a tendency for those suffering from this, to abandon the ‘fight’ and comfortably rationalize that others in the same boat mean that they are normal and therefore healthy.
and consequently give up the extremely difficult ‘battle against the bulge’, to use an expression of Dr. Mercola.
He points out that a study published in JAMA last year found that fewer adults who are overweight or obese are trying to shed those extra pounds.

Well, small wonder! Look at the reality that common belief that ‘calorie in should be calorie out’ in our metabolism. That exercise is the solution to weight control!

There is an invariable implicit lecture to most obese patients that laziness is the culprit. Nothing could be further from the truth! It is almost a total conspiracy against the obese and potentially obese!

Imagine this attitude to those children obese at two years of age:

The ongoing message to their parents and themselves may really have origins in the actual pregnancy. or the type of birth, breastfeeding or not, and in the formula for their nutrition!

The heritage may even transgress generations before.

Optimum Health, But Avoidance Depression, Practicality Compromise!