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Jack Nicklaus Fuels Stem Cell Debate

Jack Nicklaus Fuels Stem Cell Debate
Jack Nicklaus Fuels Stem Cell Debate

Jack Nicklaus Fuels Stem Cell Debate. This endearing athlete, a golfing legend…he spans many generations…his issue, along with most professional golfers…there is one in my family!…massive overwork of just certain body parts…everything to perfect that swing! Now to succinctly ALSO postulate stem cell major issues…Jack Nicklaus with interviewer Sanjay Guptar, who opens up somewhat aggressively with silly implication that Niklaus was secretive!…he answered  that well!… as backdrop!

Comes through from YouTube…Dr. Eckhard Ald, somewhat superior perhaps tone of ‘speaking down’…almost scorn for ignorance of ‘Americans’ on New York street…note, not about Germans on Berlin street! BUT Eckhard Ald has outspoken almost dogmatic view that umbilical/amniotic stem cells are ‘no go‘. Reasons, or excuses or a combination of both may be myriad. But at face value…he considers them just simply be a ‘rejection’ issue. BUT an ‘inductive mind’ reviewing across all the myriad research that is currently occurring…surely would be less categorical.  First, given the legal and religious situation in Germany relative to umbilical and amniotic use…maybe overriding…thus subliminally foreclosing close scrutiny…what is practical point?! Often occurring in communities with strong religious association with it’s legal rules and regulators…tough to effect accommodating and adaptive change….look at risks within the United States, despite the new Texas ‘last hope’ recent legislation…Remember Jack Nicklaus flew to Germany on basis that at least for his own stem cells the operation allowed…this mute in US! Regulators will continue to dominate and therein lies the rub!

Skepticism, mainly because research demonstrates ‘rejection’ not the issue…apparent mere ‘proximity’ beneficial effect of ‘day zero’ stem cells, with their secretions that when associated with host cells…aged and apparently functioning listlessly… means ‘wake up call’ for these cells. They function as if young again! Consequently there is a operative stem cell external component that suddenly results in youthful viability, and ‘rejection’ is accordingly irrelevant. Jack Nicklaus Fuels Stem Cell Debate.

If rejection is an issue there my be some point in selection and utilization of related umbilical material, for instance when one preserves the umbilical cords of one’s own children…as this would present a lesser rejection risk…but argument is the cellular biology does not turn on this! Consequently, just respecting the issue of ‘rejection’ maybe the good Herrn Doktor Eckhard Alt is not completely research informed! As a Brit am allowed this jest licence! Let us hope so… as personal motivation for close friend recently diagnosed with PPMS (Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis)…objective to plan three sessions, with intervals of approximately six weeks…there are exceptions where results are faster…we will observe, report, and trust that in his case proves positive! Contrast relevant, remarkable, and highly pertinent and informative interview with cellular biologist researcher Dr. Neil Riordan…

Problem for acceptable speed is bureaucracy, coupled by politics, and commercial lobbying and self interest! Developments will regrettably become so slothful in our world generally, that help for many will remain unavailable. But overall, personal view that Stem Cells will revolutionize medicine and may even save this discipline from bankrupting society generally…but its going to be painful! Jack Nicklaus Fuels Stem Cell Debate.