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Sensational Star Trek Shatner Gets Stem Cell Supercharge!

Sensational Star Trek Shatner Gets Stem Cell Supercharge!
Sensational Star Trek Shatner Gets Stem Cell Supercharge!

In the June 14th, 2019 issue of the National Post I read ‘Aging Shatner Explores Stem Cell Therapy’! This brilliant continuously ‘on the go’ man who leads a full life at 88 now has tens of millions of umbilical cord stem cells. All this for restorative therapy and with 2.5 million Twitter followers as he heads towards a Stem Cell Supercharge!

Amazing is the general tone of skepticism and cynicism in the article. I am talking of the experts as to Stem Cell viability!

I say Stem Cells are the next huge medical frontier!

Let us analyze this:
cells come from cord blood, likely umbilical cord normally thrown away in Caesarian operations. These Mesenchymal cells are really catalytic and symbiotic!
They are extremely vigorous, and can multiply from one to a billion in a month compared to virtually zero for Shatner’s Stem Cells at his age!
They are not absorbed into the body, but essentially wake up the abysmally performing Stem Cells around them which are at the cellular level!
Means that suddenly Mitochondria start to activate differently, and Senescent cells, or those that are moribund and potentially dangerous, are subject to Autophagy.
This way an avoidance of all kinds of Metabolic Syndrome Diseases!

But really we are off point! There is no question that avoiding, for instance, every type of cancer may extend the average life by some four years, and for all these kinds of Metabolic diseases, for instance, Heart, Stroke, Alzheimer’s the total result may actually be a shade more than twelve years!

We do not really hear about Longevity in the real fundamental sense.

Nor in this article:
If he can actually get his Stem cells to wake up on an ongoing basis he may well be a candidate to 120 years!
But for this one must have an understanding of what injection of mesenchymal cells is all about!
They symbiotically seem to wake up one’s own cells if this process is done correctly. This is not a target just for a condition where certain facets of the mesenchymal cells are so important.
Technique is so important and one’s back laboratory! Dr.Neil Riorden of the Panama clinic appears to understand this skill, and the US has so many hampering restrictions!

For Shatner we are now talking into the century of age. He already is demonstrating a fantastic brain and mind and seems to have no diseases. So his chances of prevention are in my book more than good.

But I do look upon him as borderline obese. He may not like that, but I suspect his BMI is around 30 or more! He therefore needs to also consider Intermediate and Real Fasting!

Now for that Real Longevity:
As opposed to targeting particular conditions in which Mesenchymal cells are ideal.
such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, or new cartilage material requiring a stable foundation, so that the stem cells can actually attach and grow and not be washed away!
I personally am waiting for this as my right knee is lacking some cartilage from snowboarding!
In contrast to a formula for just Longevity that incidentally should also work with Mesenchymal cells if regularly applied!
It is Fasting the way I write about so often, and you do this in the right formula of time repetitions.
Then naturally, almost miraculously, for free as it were, your Stem Cells come to life!
Agreed they gradually taper off, but that is the reason for the key time periods and optimum fasts! To keep everything going for the Quantum Longevity Leap!

No, our friend needs to read this Blog! And then really Sensational Star Trek Shatner Gets Stem Cell Supercharge!