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Apple A Day Astonishing Heart Health!

Apple A Day Astonishing Heart Health!
Apple A Day Astonishing Heart Health!

It’s a simple concept that escapes most of us even though we’ve heard it most of our lives, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

General rule:

Try to always use fruit skin if it is palatable. One example Kiwi fruit. Sometimes that skin very furry. But you can eat some of it! It is fiber at the least. Also often the insoluble type! So long as organic…An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor Away!

But the other additional benefits of skin are enormous.

Let us take the example of Apples! starting with a bleak outlook. I’m friendly with an apple farmer from the Okanagan. He always eating apples. But there’s a lot of pesticides during the growing season. So the adage ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ does not then really apply!
His analysis of why he’s now suffering from cancer. He was never into the custom of washing the apples sufficiently.
Nor cutting away that top and bottom ends. This where pesticides and other toxins can gather with concentration. He’s a believer in the benefits of the skin but forgot the toxins in modern farming practices!


Try to always go for the organic.

Worth the extra cost. If not then the skin will be laden with toxins and difficult to wash.

Personally, I use soap and water with non-organics. But with a brush, and avoid the tops and bottoms, but just cut away into quarters and chop the core and ends out! This is a compromise

Otherwise homegrown apples a good bet. Also organic markets. Go for the less sweet!

Hack and hew.

Organics are easy!
We are essentially primarily fruit eaters from our DNA scoring. No doubt when our forbears lived in trees!
But for diet I emphasize the vegetables ahead of fruit. largely to avoid spikes in the glycemic index.
In the end it is prediabetes and diabetes. Consider both in reality the same!
That is the underlying reasoning behind metabolic syndrome diseases. It is key to understanding the Obesity crisis now hitting the world.
We with our Commercial Food Industry have also exported Obesity!
There are other massive aggravating factors. CAFOs and Toxins coupled GMOs and Herbicides. But in essence 90% is explained by Insulinemia.

As you will see from the YouTube below of Michael Greger. the skin of apples is competitive with spinach.

But more important the particular positive effect seems to be endothelial function. The flavonoid benefit improves arterial function.

In the end, that should help those with a high CAC score. That’s good news for myself and to people like Ivor Cummins!

Remarkably, the same qualities are NOT found in Pears, Bananas or Oranges. An apple a day!

But better: An Apple A Day Astonishing Heart Health!