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Calorie Restriction Caution, Contrast Genuine Fasting!

Promise Calorie Restriction Caution, Contrast Genuine Fasting!
Roy Walford - PromiseCalorie Restriction Caution, Contrast Genuine Fasting!

Biosphere 2 was a 3 acre, earth-bound space station terrarium. It was a living experiment of self-containment and self-sufficiency from  1991 to 1993 in the desert north of Tuscon. Like a page from a horror story however, they had problems in not generating enough food! Consequently, Roy Walford, physician and part of the group, was forced into a two-year, Calorie Restriction experiment of only 1800 calories a day

We now have a far better understanding of Calorie Restriction contrasting to Fasting.

Both, of course, are about calorie restriction but with very significant time-dependent differences!
Our DNA resulting expressions are better attuned to short term Fasting!
Really short term amounts to Intermittent Fasting!
Long term Calorie Restriction is a different cup of tea so to speak! Our bodies Paleolithically, expect shorter ‘give and take’.
An effective two-year starvation program on an already lean, or paleolithic like physique like Walford’s could be disastrous.

One Conclusion: Our heritage really has no comprehension of Obesity!

So long as basic nutrients present a year’s complete fasting for a vastly overweight individual is perhaps sound!
It’s the equivalent of the advantages of extremely long ketosis!
My only worry would be the leaching of toxins locked in those fat cells and the method of their safe removal.

Roy Walford was a friend of Walter Longo of the University of Southern California. Sadly Walford finally contracting Lou Gehrig’s disease.

I consider an Auto-Immune offshoot and likely within his makeup well prior to entry of BioSphere.
If anything, the happenstance misadventure and outcome of Calorie Restriction in Biosphere may actually be a  serious contributor to Lou Gehrig’s.
We now theorize that ironically, Intermittent Fasting, and Short-term Fasting for Stem Cell enhancement, could have saved his life.
Then his consuming dream of longevity could have become a real reality!

For this reason, the research and intelligence behind Valter Longo is beyond belief. He singularly understands the results of cellular enhancement achievable for Longevity and living to 120 with vigor!

Essentially Calorie restriction over two years represents Starvation for Non-Obese persons!
The DNA expressions of Starvation very different from short term Intermittent Fasting and Short Term five days Water Fasting! We know from Valter Longo that the Five days is precisely optimal!
Now our bodies DNA have no idea if starving on an African savanna, Arctic Frozen Waste, or within a Biosphere 2!
Same today when simulating HIIT or HIST and simulating Heat Shock proteins.

We now generally live in stressful, poor sunlight, sedentary environments.

We now generally live in stressful, poor sunlight, sedentary environments. Add in poisons, including Glyphosates, Plastics, Toxins, Antibiotics, HFCS, Processed Foods, Sugar, CAFOs and incidentally all things “white” (ie. rice, flour, sugar).

All resulting reality of our lives filled with illness and early deaths.

It’s up to our DNA expressions to overcome these onslaughts. Unless we adopt intelligent modalities the answer is sadly overwhelming! and NEGATIVE for HEALTH and LONGEVITY! But: Promise Calorie Restriction Caution, Contrast Genuine Fasting!